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Proper Way To Deal With Screaming Tard Hos

August 31, 2009

A month or so ago, back right before Fraumaggedon (or as it is also known Good Morning America’s Concert Series), Idletard posted this wonderful featuring David Cook trying so desperately to speak between songs while some nearby loud mouthed idiot screamed out her true lurve for him and pizza. You can view this idiocy here —> Screaming Tard Video.

David, David, David, allowing that screaming tard to keep screeching like someone is piercing her clit with a rusty broken paper clip you might think is you being nice and polite but it’s not. It’s encourating the insane to stay ever more insane. They will keep increasing the unacceptable behavior to new heights if you allow them to act like that.

You should do like we used to do back in my days as a front woman for a punk rock band. Someone acting like that right in front of the stage I would not hesitate in those days to take that microphone and stand and clock the fuck out of the screamer. Cold cock them hard in the head with the mike stand and issue a ‘STFU!’

Run, Baldy, Run!!!

Hope you get laid in Montana by a young nubile non-screaming non-heifer.

And btw you should consider looking into rehab for your guitarist Neil Tieman. All of his twitters talk about drinking or getting drunk. I really could not stand it if I looked at your fan page and there were oodles of those dumb online SCrapbooks memorializing a dead Neil. Alcohol poisoning is so unsexy.

Hello world!

August 27, 2009

And run, Baldy ruN!