Dear David,

Don’t. Just don’t.

Don’t is a powerful word and only you can take a hold of that power, make it a reality and free yourself from the herd of sparkly cows chasing you hither and yon. Embrace your own power, dude.

Don’t encourage them. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t acknowledge them in any way, shape or form.

Don’t accept teddy bears, scrap books, cookies, sweaters, books, photos and other crazy crap that the fraus make. Treat them like the social lepers they are.

If they crash a meet & greet then just simply end the meet and greet right there and point out to the normal fans you’re ending it because of the rogue stalker twatwaffles.

If they crash a family event get security, or better yet, the police to escort them away and perhaps charge them with trespassing where they are not wanted. Lock them up.

A good first start would be closing the boards on your official site. It’s a breeding ground for the insanity that is following you.

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