Meats and Greeds

or as they are better known as ‘Meets & Greets”

Dear David,

What moron decided you needed to do Meets & Greets on your tour? Whoever that fuck head is, probably your manager, you need to fire his ass immediately and stop the M&G. Stop it all together cold turkey.

It’s just always going to be the same old hags stalking you with dolls and scrapbooks. It’s the ones that make you insane in not a good way, the pizza lover screamers, the putting a tracker on your bussers, the tragically insane and possibly dangerous, the entitlement whores to whom you’re not a real person but a piece of meat, a commodity that they feel they own because they voted for you to win some stupid television show. As time goes on they become ever more jealous of anyone that takes up even a smidgen of what they perceive should be their time with you. Meats & Greeds.

Dropping the M & G’s is going to make your life a great deal more pleasant, trust me on this one. No more Svagina and Marty and crew. No more screeching lunatics clutching at you or trying to cop a feel off your ass.

Did the Rolling Stones ever do M & G’s? No. How about Metallica?  Cake?  Snoop Dog?  Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem? Nope, nope, nope and nope. No M & G’s. Nor should you. M & G’s are pretty anti all that Rock and Roll stands for. Ban the Meets & Greets.

You alway look so horrified at them….

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11 Comments on “Meats and Greeds”

  1. PH Says:

    For someone so anti M&G, it appears that you have been to at least a few to make the statements that you did. So, which category would you put yourself into?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I’ve never been to a M&G ever. However, I have sung professionally since 1976. I know what it’s like to be chased by people with too much time on their hands.

      • jan Says:

        Maybe you don’t appreciate the people that pay you. They are called fans. Hmmm Andy’s birthday wishes trended on twitter with links to his cd and songs. Free publicity never hurt anyone. Thinking you are too good for your fans is a good way to not have any.

  2. Natasha Says:

    It’s one thing to go to a M&G and another to go and make a total ass of yourself, like so many of Cook’s fans do, especially the ones who are closer to his mother’s age than to his. If you enjoy the guy, by all means, go to the concert. But unless you are an attractive 25 to 30 year old woman, get in your car immediately and go home afterwards.

    • jan Says:

      Some people actually want to compliment him on his music and say how much they enjoy it. Let’s see are you saying the only people that should meet him are idiots who think they might stand a chance with him. Is that the reason for your age and beauty stipulation. Sad If they want to meet girls I am sure the guys are capable of doing it outside of work.

  3. jan Says:

    the best band with their fans was one of the greatest rock bands ever. The Grateful Dead. They would give concerts just for the dead heads. Sometimes they would play for up to 4 hrs. I booked bands. Most did meet and greats for “important” people and their families who booked the show or were friends. Lots of bands signed things and met fans at their merc tables. Including some of the most well known bands. Daughtry does meet and greets at most of his shows.

  4. jan Says:

    ere’s the schedule of Wednesday meet and greets:
    Anvil – Hard Rock Café, Toronto 5 – 7 PM
    Between The Buried And Me – The Fillmore Charlotte 5:30 – 6:30 PM
    Dethklok & Mastodon – House of Blues Boston 6:30 – 7 PM
    Five Finger Death Punch – The Fillmore Denver 6 – 7 PM
    Hellogoodbye – Atlanta Tabernacle 5 – 6 PM
    Hollywood Undead w/ Atreyu & Escape The Fate – The Gramercy Theater, New York 4 – 6 PM
    LMFAO w/ Shwayze – The Hollywood Palladium 6 – 8 PM
    Taking Back Sunday – House of Blues Chicago 5 – 5:30 PM
    Tesla – Murat Egyptian Room, Indianapolis 5 – 7 PM
    The Used – TLA Philadelphia 5 – 6 PM

  5. jan Says:

    Velvet Revolver has just announced the sale of Meet and Greet packages for their current tour, beginning with the August 14th show at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. Meet and Greet packages include: an official VIP laminate, personal photograph with the band, and an exclusive 8×10 color poster and autograph. These packages are sure to go quickly so visit the Velvet Revolver tour page for all the details and pick up your Meet and Greet package NOW!

  6. jan Says:

    I love the Rolling Stone meet and greets. They don’t do many now a days, but when they do they take a picture with you and the band, and if the band deems the photo ok to distrubute….you get the picture in the email.
    Seems you are a little out of the loop

  7. Smartie Says:

    Jan, are you off your meds? You seem a little manic.

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