So the great Baldini is on his West Coast leg of the tour that never ends right now. He’s so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside. Performing on stool there’s a sight to make you drool, seven virgins and a … whoops, the thought of Baldy playing at the Fillmore sends me back to the early seventies when Rock and Roll was serious business, not owned, marketed and manipulated by Co’cola and GM via dreck like American Idol.

David, you must be hella bored out there on the road because you’ve taken to stirring up the frau pot by doing twitter chats every afternoon. You’ve been twittering the twats. Stirring them all up like someone poking a big spoon into the hornet’s nest. I can imagine granny vibrators firing up in the hours afterwards as hordes masturbate over the thought that they were talking to you, to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!……..eleventyyy111!!!!

I know you think you’re being a ‘nice guy’ but being nice is highly overrated. What you’re doing is chumming the waters of insanity as surely as some drunken fisherman danging bits of raw chicken carcases thinking he’s attracting fish when in reality there are baracudas and sharks just below the surface.  This is come back to bit you in the ass hard at some point.

Why do I get the feeling you were there clutching and squeezing your rubber chicken from ‘A Ficus Flows Between Us’ between all those idiotic mundane questions?

Wish you would have answered Idletard’s query about the Tard Strong Idletard bracelet that was handed to you last month. We know you have it.

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