Regular Guy-itis?

Idoltard has an interesting set of rants by your fans posted right now, David – Jealous Bitches don’t want you to get laid. They think you should be all sunshine and puppies, the 2nd coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ commingled with Elvis, Mother Theresa, The Pope and Pat Boone. According to them you’re not supposed to belch, fart, shit, piss, fuck, look at porn, wear t-shirts with lewd pictures on them,  lust for blondes with big boobs, mastur-you-know-what, be impure in any way. They want you to be a Ken Doll, emasculated and pure, sealed behind plastic for an eternity, plastic grin etched in place with a smooth sexless crotch. Everyone but the Fuc Bunnies. The Fuc Bunnies want you to fuck but to fuck only them.

So why are they in such a tissy with their size 4X granny panties up around their heads? Because you invited Hooters waitresses to your Montana concerts and you might have fucked one or two of them. In Cook Fantard world apparently Hooters waitresses are the devil incarnate when they’re not bringing you huge assed platters of fried pickles and wings. Evil sucubusses!

Those jealous bitches are just upset it wasn’t them.  They’ve built you so far up on this impossible pedestal that any regular guy behavior noted in public is going to have this cataclismic effect as if it was something as devastating as 9/11. I don’t get the angst, it’s not like you went out and picked up a flock of crackwhores crawling with cooties and banged them on stage for the tards to see.  You invites some nice Hooters ladies out to see you play. And who could blame you, easy on the eyes compared to the tards and I’ve never seen one that wasn’t very nice and pleasant indeed.

I hope you did fuck ALL the Hooters waitresses in Montana! Cut a slice, go for it!

And to reinterate again these are the steps you need to take to free yourself from the tards.

1. Dump the AI management.

2. Stop the Meet & Greats

3. Develop your own style and music instead of copying others

and mostly

4. Be yourself!! Let out the regular guy..

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