Meats & Greeds Part Deaux

Dear David, your crazy buffalo-sized tards are losing their shit over the suggestion I made that all meet & greets should be ended and why. I find it amusing that they aren’t upset I hinted your were balding, that you’re a kareoke singer as best, that you shouldn’t encourage them on twitter-twatter, that it’s a-okay and normal to be yourself and fuck as many Hooters girls as Ron Jeremy on Viagra.

Why are the M&G’s so front and center important to the frauffalo? Because they get to inflict themselves on you? Are they thinking some of your kareoko glitter specshull might rub off on them? So they can load you down with things for your dog, ugly scrapbooks and dolls and teddy bears?

I don’t get the why of the M&Gs. In the real world people go to concerts by the artists they enjoy, arriving shortly before the show instead of days before, actually enjoy the show and listen to the music instead of trying to gain the headliners attention, interrupt the show and deliberately piss off all the ‘normal’ people around them by their pushy classless ways. People leave after the show is over, they dont’ hang around trying to meet the artists. But then again, it’s probably been soooooooooooo long since any of them have been to a show before starting to tard over Baldy that you don’t realize what concert ettiquette actually is.

Baldy you owe them  nothing more at your shows than about an hour of music. That’s all.

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