Yom Kipper Foot In Mouth Disease & Coming Soon

Dear Baldy,

Don’t sweat it that your Jewish fans took your “Happy Yom Kipper” greetings so badly.  I’m Jewish, I knew what you meant even if they didn’t. You meant well.  Unforch psychos cannot handle imperfections, mistakes or blemishes in their sacred totem, which is what you are to them. Not a flesh and blood guy that farts, likes boobies, picks his nose or does any other human activity. You are a Demi God to them. Either get used to it or go out of your way to piss them all off and run them away. I’m voting for option two because it would earn you some normal people as fans.

Be thankful this idiot is not your fan. Makes me feel almost sorry for Adam Lambert. He’s rapidly discovering how crazy his fans are too. They make Ruthie Sloane look almost sane with her fuc bunny ears and getting her six year old to hold up an obscene sign at your concert. She ain’t got nothing on Dubai chick. Dubai chick is single handedly setting back womens rights to the 1950s.

Attention Stalkers & Fuc Bunnies: I will be soon attending a David Cook show in my town armed with a video camera and a professional still camera set up. Smile, you’ll be on Candid Fucking Camera. Be sure to line up for days in advance and watch out for a goth chick wearing an Idletard t-shirt (me).

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One Comment on “Yom Kipper Foot In Mouth Disease & Coming Soon”

  1. Yaara Says:

    Sadly, I live in Israel. So I have to experience Yom Kippur to its full extent. I don’t fast or do any of the religious stuff that is done on this holiday, and I didn’t take offense at what David said. How the hell is he supposed to know, he’s not freakin’ Jewish! I bet not everyone knows everything about every religious holiday out there.
    However let us not forget Jews are very sensitive. They have this prosecution complex and they’re sure everyone’s anti-semistic. So if David doesn’t know that Yom Kippur is not happy (actually, it’s really not. You try living with no electricity, no cars, and no food and water for 25 hours…), means he must be anti-semistic and evil.

    Poor David. Not only did he get the wrath of his frauen, he got the wrath of the Jewish frauen – which is worse(this would’ve sounded very anti-semistic if I wasn’t of Jewish descent. So I’m allowed. Gotta love double standards).

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