So Close Yet So Far

When I went down to Ch’ville yesterday afternoon to buy yarn from The Needle Lady and photograph the gathering herd of heffalumps for Idletard I never expected to have my own personal encounter with you. I felt kind of guilty intruding into your personal time so I made sure what I had to say was the epitome of brevity.

Even though I told you I was no fan and I was there for the freaks you were still pretty darn nice to me, which I’m not sure I could have summoned up if the tables were turned. I had to laugh at the look at came into your eyes when I mentioned Idletard.

The best bit of the entire adventure is the fact that while you were in Urban Outfitters buying shirts with Andy, mere steps away from the venue,  none of the frau had a clue you were so nearby and without security. I laughed all the way home over that. So close but yet so far.

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4 Comments on “So Close Yet So Far”

  1. Ghausia Says:

    I’m giggling cause you’ve made my inner tard come out and now I’m going to stalk your ass all over the Internetz being mad that you didn’t get me an autograph. Seriously though, what are the odds huh? Poor tards, so close and yet so far. Did you tell him that I think he’s cute receding hairline or not? 😀 I’m sorry its been an incredibly shitty day for me, let me have my tard moment, it distracts me. 😦

  2. girl from mars Says:

    Most importantly, what kind of yarn did you get? 😉

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I got organic mohair dyed in waterfall blues, about 5 skeins off the sales rack. Making my momma a evening wrap with beaded ends for Xmas.

  3. Radio Birdman Says:

    Is it tard-ish that I daydream about getting pissed with Cook, Neal and the rest of his band and finding out what they really think of their fans, recording it and making sure the evidence gets to Svagjina, Marty and the rest of them?

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