Ch’ville Redux – What Lessons Can Be Gleaned?

For those of you straying into here for the first time who haven’t seen an accounting of my recent visit to Charlottesville Virginia the night of David Cook’s concert you might want to get up to speed over at

I go there all the time to that Downtown Mall to hit up The Needle Lady, plus I’ve sung with the local chorale and opera society on that very stage and in productions on the Live Arts stage. I’ve attended fundraisers and political events at the Paramount. This is my usual stomping grounds so I was most amused to see this movable pageant of the transmundane on my own home turf.

Dear David,

Most clever of you to sneak down the side alley and dart across into the store unseen by your legions of fans focusing on the front of the Paramount. I’m still confused as to why you were not listed on the huge lit up marquee of the Paramount. Other acts coming soon were listed but you were not. I only saw a few random posters hither and yon advertising your appearance.

Some interesting stories emerged of your time in Thomas Jefferson’s gracious home city. I heard that there had been an impromptu autograph session several blocks from the Paramount earlier in the day that had gotten terrible out of hand. You know if you’re going to do that sort of thing you really need to insist that there be security and some structure and order so that this massive cluster fuck doesn’t occur. If they get out of hand simply end it. You have the power, you are the headliner. Use that power and stop letting others impose upon you in such obnoxious ways.

Someone else told me about how you were trying to eat lunch/dinner/dunch at the same place your fans were congregating at one of the bars in the area and that they would not leave you alone to enjoy your repast in peace. So you did the smart thing and left, sort of like a modern day Pied Piper, leading the herd out of the bar before slipping back in laughing to finish eating without suffering frau indigestion overload.  I cannot imagine what living every day under such intense scrutiny from a rabid following must be like.

Again, like the autograph session gone wrong, if you’re going to go out in public with this crew around you really need security.  I’m afraid if you keep this up with no security that one day something bad or insane will happen. Security, security, security…

On a side note, I didn’t mean to piss you off or disrespect you when I said I was not one of your fans. Your music is just not my cup of tea, which is no reflection on you. You cannot dicate tastes and preferences.  But you do have a scooch of talent, you just need to figure out what makes you unique from a million others out there and develop that way. You, like me when I was in a band back in the stone ages (1970s) came out of the bar band scene where you played cover song after cover song and that’s good for training you up to perform no matter what but you must make that transition to your own sound, no reflect someone else’s or risk coming over as a kareoke singer.

A switch in musical styles, perhaps to a harder edged sound, might drive away enough of the crazies for you to actually had a careet with staying power and a unique sound minus insane autograph sessions and having to hide like a leper.

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One Comment on “Ch’ville Redux – What Lessons Can Be Gleaned?”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Great letter, as usual! Thanks for trying to knock some sense into this guy and good luck in doing so. I am in the insane fan age group, but have yet to go to a Cook concert, as I don’t want to be near anyone within a year or two of me behaving like a tard. So, yeah, there are women my age keeping women like me away from the concerts because of their ridiculous and unacceptable behavior.

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