Sic Transit Idletard Mundo

So the gloriously rich prix fixe menu that is Idletard is no more.  I’ll miss the site and my daily laugh at the latest crazy of L Anne Carrington, the Adam Lambert fantards and your own David Cook fantards. I’m sure each and every one of your tards, David, is capering about in heavy ham hocked glee, dancing like this is the day of Jubilee. Prematurely so, I might add. I fully expect an Idletardian-style replacement to pop up like a Morel mushroom from a sodden lawn on a rainy day. And the games will begin anew.

But there can be but one true Idletard. Smartie is one of a kind, intelligent, funny, occasionally skewering and always making me laugh out loud. I’ll miss her words of wisdom as I’m sure you will too.  Hang on to your ‘Tard Strong’ bracelet, Cook, as it might be a collector’s item one day. Her keen observations on the nature of your fans has provided the rest of us with days of mirth and moments of incredulity over some of the wackier behaviors by Pizza Screamer Tard, Earring Granny and all the others. However will you know who to avoid like the flea-bitten crabtacular plague now?

Never fear, I have a feeling that something will rise from the ashes of Idletard that will set all to right in the world again.

Enjoy LA, if that’s even possible, and hire more security folks for the next leg of the tour.

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6 Comments on “Sic Transit Idletard Mundo”

  1. Smartie Says:


  2. dukie Says:

    I’m still so upset about the loss of Idletard that I have “dierra” (ha!) and the shakes. Withdrawal is a bitch. Hope Baldy heeds your warning about more security and RUN BALDY RUN!

  3. Natasha Says:

    Yeah, bummer. I actually have to do the work I’m paid to do now. No Idletard for lurking when the boss isn’t looking. I hope a similar site does appear. I don’t know why Idletard is no more, but if it is because of tards threatening anything legal, they should be get a clue and be ashamed.

  4. Radio Birdman Says:

    I posted it on TopIdol, but the song is my tribute to Idletard. Let’s not look back in anger, but let’s enjoy the fun and good times.

  5. Smartie Says:


  6. freedavidcook Says:

    Made me have dierra at first too!

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