Cougar Cruelty: Does PETA Know?

More details have emerged about the split between older model Kimberly Johnston and you bad boy Mr. Cook. Breaking up with a hot chick because your fans don’t like it? Texting breakup words to her?

After reading this….

“I was going to meet David at a concert in Tennessee,” said Kim. “The he texted me and said ‘We can still talk, but I can’t be seen with your right now.’ I was really hurt, and I started crying to when he called the next day. But there was a big change in his attitude, and he just nonchalantly told me, ‘Stop making a big deal out of nothing. You knew this would happen eventually!”

The last text message she received from David Cook said: “Dude, I’m losing fans over this!”

I’m not sure she’s trying to create drama or if you are really kind of an asshole to the ladies.

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7 Comments on “Cougar Cruelty: Does PETA Know?”

  1. Smartie Says:

    I doubt she exists, to be honest.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      She looks scarily like an older Lindsey Lohan

      • Smartie Says:

        I’d say model Kim exists, however GF Kim is probably a construct created by psycho Baldy frauen with mental problems. Especially by one ex Clay and Constantine frau. Who has LOTS of mental problems.

  2. Ghausia Says:

    Say what you want about him but Dave’s a pretty nice guy. Even if he just had a casual fuckbuddy relationship with a girl, he wouldn’t be this nasty unless the girl went psycho and started threatening him or something. Saying stop making a big deal out of this seems to me like something you’d say when you’re aggravated out of your mind. then again, I do like the bastard.

  3. girl from mars Says:

    Something about this story makes my BS detector tingle. Not to sound like a frau, but I have a feeling she might be making this up. Either she was a more attractive frau who got into his pants and expected OMG True Love Forever and didn’t get it, or she was acting crazy and he had to let her go somehow. I don’t think David is so all-about his fans as to dump a woman. He insults his core fan group on a regular basis, why would he stop having sex with an attractive woman to appease them? It’s not logical .

  4. SadButTrue Says:

    She has now linked the STAR article to her portfolio page on Model Mayhem. She absolute was the one creating this story, and she is now using it to get publicity for her “modeling career”. That is so wrong in so many ways. She’s just nasty.

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