So Not Rock & Roll

So this week you participated in two very different very not so rock & roll type projects, ABC’s “Home Makeover” and the unnamed Carrie Underwood Christmas special. So “Home Makeover is a worthy project, but not so much rock & roll because it’s so middle America, which can be already sometimes. You’re pretty ‘middle American’

But a network Christmas special?? That’s so not done by real rockers. Pop flavor of the week, sure. You will never see Keith Richards on the telly set wearing a Santa Hat and singing of peace on earth. Does Metallica appear in ‘The Christmas Carol’ in Edwardian clothing? Nope, not done usually, with a few very awkward exceptions as seen below.

Now that has to be one of the most uncomfortable looking televised sing alongs I’ve seen. For all the cheery banter before hand Der Bingle looks somewhat horrified, like he just witness Bowie bang his dog on the front lawn before trying to snort the mistletoe. It’s not very rock & roll even it’s hella awkward. The thin white duke momentarily sold out.  I’m sure he didn’t think it up, his management did in a fit of madness.

Just like someone on your management team thinks it would be good for you to do something similar.

I think you’re coming to a fork in the road soon where you will have to decide if you want to earn credibility as a rocker or be the typical post-Idol idol and be Mr Pop pandering to middle America and the frauen. Only you hold the power to decide which.

BTW, for this Christmas get help for Neil. I heard some disturbing rumors about him and the frau and his drinking. He really needs help.

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9 Comments on “So Not Rock & Roll”

  1. Smartie Says:

    He lost all credibility when he went on a reality show.

  2. Ghausia Says:

    Neil rumors? TELL ME!

  3. Radio Birdman Says:

    Don’t begrudge Neil some booze. If I was being stalked by Svagjina and forced to look at fat chicks every night just cause my best mate went on a reality show (and I agreed to join his band on account of said mateship and belief that there would be hot female groupies) I’d be going on stage out of my mind and puking on the front row. (Hmmm, that’s an idea! *goes to look up Neal’s Twitter*)

    Point is, dude’s a fug innocent bystander who joined a band to nail hot chicks cause he couldn’t otherwise and is finding out that the two hot chicks at every show are going for Cook. Let the man drink.

  4. Radio Birdman Says:

    He actually fucked one of them? Dude…he must have really bad beer goggles. I know for a fact that no matter how bad I drink, I can always tell the fat chicks from the not-fat, even when every brunette looks like Megan Fox, every redhead like Shirley Manson and every blonde like my ex-fiancee.

  5. Radio Birdman Says:

    Although given that it’s a known fact that fat chicks give the best head, if that’s all he took for free booze that’s forgivable.

  6. on the edge Says:

    Ugh, L’Ard help me that Bing Crosby/David Bowie duet is one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for the holidays.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Shhhh~ don’t tell anyone but it’s one of mine too! Bing looks so less than comfy when they start singing. I loved it that Bowie called John Lennon an old singer

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