This Is It

Dear David,

I saw you twittered from the Nokia last night that you were at the premiere of “This Is It”  Smart of you to be seen on the red carpet as a way to see and be seen. Various media outlets have the same interview with you and Adam Lambert. Keeping your name out in the media is smart.

What is not smart is feeding the fraus media tidbits like your upcoming Christmas special with Carrie Underwood. Which sounds kind of dreadful considering you didn’t even bother to perform seasonal music. You need to more carefully consider which media turns will enhance your career and which will just drive your fans to newer heights of insanity.

Like, very possibly, making up stories and selling them to tabloids to drive board traffic. Those people you really don’t need as fans because it’s really all about them and their needs, not any real appreciation of your music.

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3 Comments on “This Is It”

  1. Radio Birdman Says:

    Meh, he probably realises they aren’t going away so he might as well make some money off them while he can.

  2. Radio Birdman Says:

    Or he’s trying to get into Farmbot’s pants.

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