Did You Really?

Dear Baldy,

Stumbling around the internet I ran across this interview with you before the South Cakalacky State Fair.

Ah, the State Fair! Corn dogs and funnel cakes, vomit inducing rides and third rate musical acts. And carnies, nasty, nasty carnies. I’d bet it’s quite a let down to be playing arenas one minute and the next to be competing with the Tilt-O-Whirl and the two-headed man for attention of the crowds. Or perhaps you view it as a step up from the endless bar circuit? I don’t know.

A couple of the questions made me laugh. First this one – “In Jay-Z’s song “Run This Town,” Kanye West says “this the life that everybody ask for.” Is this what you asked for?”

And your answer – “Yeah, actually. It beats the hell out of the alternative. The goal was to always to get to this point.”

It was always your goal to play the State Fair? Huh, who knew? I guess some peoples goals are simple ones. I would have thought you’ve have have bigger goals, like smaller arenas and the like, not the stomping grounds of Sha-Na-Na and Xian bands.

Let’s look at that “alternative” too. The alternative would be you being able to move about freely without looking over your shoulder for the frau all the time. You’d still have credibility and a future.

Oh, that’s right. You could still have your freedom and your credibility, if you abandoned catering to the stalkers.

You’re in El Paso tonight. How will you get through your night? With some of that delicious cheap Mexican cough syrup or tequila? Just remember to take Neil across the border to the whorehouses and away from a certain someone.

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2 Comments on “Did You Really?”

  1. Ghausia Says:

    Am I the only one who finds that interview strange?

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