Google Questions #4

Dear David,

We’re getting a lot of repeat lunacy here, like that crazy L Anne googling herself again and again and more folks pondering just how Jewish you are. Makes me laugh. Here we go!

“Dave Cook Jew” – We’ve already discussed this a couple of times. You’re as Jewish as mayonnaise and Wonder bread.

“wearing a box” nuts – is there something you’re not telling us on Twitter, David?

“Andy Skib Jewish tattoo” – Soooooo, what did Andy get tattoo on himself? I take it that it wasn’t a Swastika?

So what do all three of these things have in common? They’re pretty nuts and anyone googling this crap possibly has a screw or two loose, spending way too much time thinking about you and the things that surround you. Run, Baldy, Run!

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3 Comments on “Google Questions #4”

  1. melismaqueen Says:

    I love your google questions posts. It gives us a brief and random look into the mind of the crazy.

  2. girl from mars Says:

    Why are they so obsessed with the Jews? Maybe it’s a Jewish Cooktard who wants to marry him, and Bubbie (grandma) won’t approve if he’s not Jewish.

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