Hark! Baldy Speaks!

Dear David,

You’ve been a Chatty Cathy these last few days. What happened? Did your management poke you to do interviews to promote The Tour That Never Ends?

I’m still shocked you didn’t take time off to spend with your family and grieve the loss of your brother Adam. But, everyone does grieve differently I suppose.

So why the sudden verbal dierra? (Diarrhea for non-tards)

I only bothered to read two. My time is limited for wasting to cataloge your more insane fan behaviors. First up was the drooly tard like ravings from the Washington DC Examiner. There’s also an article in the respected Detroit Free Press that not quite as tardy.

Thoughts – It sounds like from both pieces that you’ve given some consideration to the words of Radio Birdman and others on developing your own unique sound.  It’s your only real shot for a lasting career in the music industry. Barring that you’re only fan base will be the oversexed, overfed, overaged grannies chasing you now. I don’t know how you take the stage nightly and don’t lose it looking at that same sea of faces every single night.

Have to give you props for tiptoeing lightly around that very subject in your interviews. You make it seem like you just lurve them so so much.  I’m sure you appreciate the sane ones but not the ones that scream into the mike, won’t let you eat dinner, put trackers on your bus and other assorted nonsense.

Advice from an old broad that sung professionally for many years. Ditch the raw foods diet and simply start eating as close to organic as possible. Cut down on the processed crap and start working out. Drink lots and lots of water and tea. You mentioned you were ready to die after a performance less than two hours long it’s time to do things to build your stamina, including vocal exercises and physical exercise. You’re only 26 and you’re still in that superman abusing your body mode. You’ll never last long that way.

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One Comment on “Hark! Baldy Speaks!”

  1. DavidCFan Says:

    First off, I am so thankful that I found this board! Thank you, Teevho. I missed my peeps from Idletard.

    Now, I do have to stand up for David about the whole grieving for Adam thing. Everyone does grieve differently, and while losing Adam was a horrible event in that family, Adam did have a termimal illness and his death was not unexpected. The public only sees one side to David, and his time spent grieving in private should remain just that–private.

    Ok, off the soapbox. Now, on to the Mary Ann/Holly story…LMAO!! She is having a shit fit over there right now. Oh, wait, she is ‘away’ until Sunday so it’s her other personalities that are having the shit fits. I LOVE IT! She and L. Anne were BFFs? Scary as hell.

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