Restraining Order Time!

Dear David,

Today I wish to expand on something I said yesterday in Google Questions #5 – Mary Ann/Holly and all her sock puppets at David Cook Uncensored.

She. Is. Dangerous. Don’t believe me go read the public service announcement at Top Idol. This is not to drive hits here or to be provocative in a deliciously Idletard way. It’s a warning because sometimes I worry about certain people and their real life potential to harm others. This is one of those people.

What makes her dangerous is not the sockpuppets that are all her chiming in, or her board moderation, or her tarding over you. Two things make her stand out as dangerous and demented with a dash of disgusting. No, not that she’s tried to get people in the Constantine fandom fired or that she’s lied about so much of her life.

1 – She’s the one that probably contacted Page Six and Star Magazine with the fake story of you breaking up with Kimberly Johnson via text message. She’s apparently leaked fake salacious details to the tabloids of your supposed romances every time it gets slow on her board and in fandom in general. She has driven the negative press. She has taken the photos and details from these womens websites to leak to gossip sites and the press.

2 – The other disgusting thing is the last time she was busted for doing something underhanded on the interwebs she suddenly claimed to have cancer. She plays the Big C card when cornered with the truth. Reprehensible in all new ways considering you lost your brother Adam to cancer and have done much to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. Many of us have loved ones that have suffered this terrible disease and this silly idiot is falsely claiming to have cancer. She needs to be cautious doing this because, like the boy that cried wolf she might actually find that karma has bestowed upon her the very thing she’s faked and everyone will laugh.


ETA: Apparently this morning  Mary Ann/Holly outed some new chick she is claming you are dating from the Model Mayhem site. She’s stealing the photographs, posting scads of angry screeds about this and preparing to out you to the media yet again, Baldy. She’s trying to deflect attention off the fact that’s she’s the reason there are ever any tabloid stories about you in the first place. Lying liar she is!

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7 Comments on “Restraining Order Time!”

  1. mustang Says:

    I knew she was batshit when I briefly encountered her on a message board last year. But to read what I’ve read here and at TI makes me horrified that people like this really do exist.

  2. melismaqueen Says:

    This old hag has the mentality of a high schooler. Anyone pretty and thin is a total whore and should be publicly humiliated. Too bad she has the psycho mentality to match, which is what makes her dangerous. Get your frau/tards sorted, Baldy, before MaryAnn or someone like her does you harm.

  3. Frightened_Canuck Says:

    I just don’t understand what goes wrong in these people’s minds that spurs this sort of behaviour. I’m sure people have been committed for less.

  4. Heather Says:

    I’d add a category #3 of reasons why she is a dangerous psycho: her racist rants

  5. nonna-muss Says:

    She dangerous for many reasons for sure. She needs to be stopped before she hurts someone else. She’s now throwing the focus on some other poor unsuspecting woman. There are members who are leaving the board based on recent posts by Free David Cook, Top Idol and the information I posted on her board a few weeks ago. More will happen over the next few days and I hope more people leave. She’ll be left by herself. I have wanted her gone for a long time and it’s starting to happen.

  6. Mithra Says:

    I still want to know if Baldy prefers chintz, plaid, batik, or K Mart Blue Light Special Martha Stewart Collection patterns for his fainting couch. Golden oak, pine, rosewood, or mahogany?

    Really though, she’s not too uncommon unfortunately.

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