Google Questions #9

Dear Baldy,

Another day, another series of bizarre search terms.

“Holly Sockpuppets” – Number 1 search of the day yesterday. I believe that the board at David Cook Uncensored is starting to implode now as more people look for proof that Holly is insane. Soon you will be able to buy a fainting couch without someone obsessed over exactly what color it was and if you have a masturbatorium.

“Baldy blog” – Were they looking for some rogue individual that doesn’t use Rogaine and Propecia. I’ve always laughed over the Propecia commercials because lack of ability to get a hard on is a side effect. Which effectively renders the entire reason to grow hair, get the ladies, a very moot point. What can you do with them when you get them? Play Parcheesi?

“Bad karma & cancer” – Regardless of what God you do or don’t believe in it seems to be a universal truth that people sow what they reap.  One of my very religious friends says that cancer comes from bitterness and unforgiveness. I don’t necessarily believe that but the law of universal reciprocity seems to indicate that if you run around screaming cancer and don’t have it that it’s not outside the realm of karmic realignment to actually develop cancer.

“Pizza Screamer” – Ah, the lovely Daina, shouter into mikes about pizza love and bilker of fraus via her coffee table book filled with images of you. Theft of intellectual property anyone?

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3 Comments on “Google Questions #9”

  1. mustang Says:

    Don’t even get me started on that mouthy thieving slob. Yeah, I’m sure he’d be thrilled she’s using his image without his permission to make $$.

    It’s interesting the level of disdain I have for the various factions of stupid frau. Each earn their own level.

  2. Ghausia Says:

    Wow, that cancer theory, its bs but…there were issues of bitterness b/w my dad and my late uncle, and my dad did forgive him the second he found out he had cancer… Creepy.

  3. Mithra Says:

    The cancer shit is offensive “new age” “new thought” and “prosperity” vileness. Utterly evil way to manipulate people.

    I’m cracking up though that “pizza screamer” is being googled 😀

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