Interesting PM?

Dear David,

One of your saner fans sent me this missive floating around David Cook Uncensored. Reposting here for everyone to see..


I don’t know if you have been following the saga on TopIdol. Rumors have floated around that Holly is really a woman named MaryAnn who has created the whole elaborate scheme just to fuck with David and his fans. Here are the links:…ever-been-seen-with/…f-holly-sockpuppets/…s-about-other-women/

At the bottom of the second blog, TopIdol posted this screen cap from her Administrator view:…ppets/#comment-13040

It shows that Holly has been there posting under several accounts, on one she says THIS IS HOLLY. You can see that all the IP addresses are the same. The IP address traces back to Morrisville, Pennsylvania. This is where MaryAnn is, and is the same IP she used under her real name on fan sites. It is not a NY IP where Holly claims to be.

We have been lied to.

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One Comment on “Interesting PM?”

  1. nobunnyearshere Says:

    Thank you and TopIdol for blowing the lid off dcu and hollysockpuppets. I’ve been watching that bitch Holly (under other names too) for a long time and always figured that eventually, what goes around comes around. I’d venture into dcu with popcorn to watch the meltdowns today but it’s a skeery place and I’ve avoided it for months since they started being pretend psychologists deciphering David Cook’s personality.

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