Dear David,

I’m sure you know by now one of your sillier fans got arrested for public intoxication before your Toronto show. She’s telling anyone who’ll listen that she’s going to get you, Neil, Andy and anyone else connected to her to sign off on her arrest papers. There’s nothing klassier than being hauled off to the pokey for getting too drunk to stand. Only Neil is allowed to drink like that!

Have you read the print outs from David Cook Uncensored yet?  You need to. Everything you need for the restraining order is contained within them.

Good luck! Please make Andy Skib pack some winter clothes if you’re going to play the frozen north.

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8 Comments on “Canuckleheadishness”

  1. mustang Says:

    Yeah, she was so klassy as she proudly displayed her arrest papers. All it meant was that for “her hometown” show, she spent the night in jail and not at the concert. Imbicile.

  2. Frightened_Canuck Says:

    Went to the show last night. Enjoyed the performance but the crowd was the freakiest one I’ve ever been a part of. I thought the stories of old women losing their minds were a little inflated until I witnessed it myself.

  3. Mithra Says:

    What is it with Canada, Pennsylvania, and Alabama? I think some serious research needs to happen here… It’s like the Unholy Trinity of Psychotardville or something.

  4. Frightened_Canuck Says:

    Oh Mirtha, please don’t judge us by our crazies.. lol

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Canada needs to be off that list! It’s an awesome place filled with Nestle Aerobars and nice folks more than freaky frau. Now Pennsylvania seems to house all the crazy you can hold.

      • Frightened_Canuck Says:

        Quite right. There are nice folk here. However, I was disturbed at the frau population at the show I went to on Monday. I have never seen that kind of crowd at a concert. I was actually a touch shocked. It was as though every crazed woman within 100 miles converged.. frightening.

  5. Mithra Says:

    Ha! I’ve come across some real nutters from there, but you’re right…although I was once looked at like I had just killed a kitten in Toronto when I made a comment that a theater was cold…as if I was insulting ALL OF CANADA OMG! I have stories of crazed fans from there who stalk DEAD rockstars, guitar techs, and of course the 50 something Sanfrau KookooLou who impersonated him on his myspazz 😀

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