Dating Lies

Dear Baldy,

I was amused to read this interview on Access Atlanta and see some things that relate right along with my recent postings here. With the subject of Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets of David Cook Uncensored.

Here’s what you said on the subject of dating –

He said he has no girlfriend since the breakup with former “Idol” contestant Kimberly Caldwell. Too busy, he said.

Even if that was a total lie it really paints Holly Sockpuppets obsession and lies about you using Model Mayhem to pick out girlfriends in the poorest light possible. Have you ever noticed that when it becomes slow on her board or whenever people start to realize what an enormous liar/shit stirrer she is that new women get outed as ‘girlfriends’ of yours. She goes into ‘Storm the Bastille’ mode with torches, bloodhounds and outrage over whatever the latest imaginary target of your lust she’s parsed from the misfiring synapses in her own mind.

It’s pretty apparent she’s making up most of your so called romantic partners because a) she only does this when she has a vested interest in the outcome, i.e. trying to deflect attention off her wrong doings or when it’s slow on her precious board. b) I also believe she does it in a futile attempt to pretend she has exclusive information. She does this to screw with and manipulate others like a true sociopath would.  The fact that she may have made a few pennies on the fake info by selling it to the tabloids is just the wiggling worm on the turd sandwich she is.

If she had any clue about touring and what it’s really like going town to town to play music every night she’d know there’s not much room for love. Touring is so stressful and draining that even if it was the goddess of love and beauty begging you to make mad sweet passionate love to her you’d be more likely to slump over in the bed and sleep. It’s not a lifestyle that is conductive to anything more than the rare one night stand. It’s grueling as Radio Birdman mentioned.

Does it bother you that things you say in concerts, interviews or just about anywhere gets quoted and analyzed ad nauseum on fan sites? If so, do you feel pressure to draw the line between Celebrity David Cook and Private David Cook? – Deborah Clevinger.

That’s a tough line to toe. I’ve tried to maintain some semblance of a private life. Past that, I don’t know. I’ve seen everything I’ve said analzyed. A lot of cases, it’s misconstrued a little bit. But if you can’t control it, laugh like hell. I think I’d lose my mind if I had to mentally stop before I said anything.

Baldy, I think that would be the hardest thing to deal with in this massive stripping away of privacy, the idle baseless speculation devoid of any reality. Did you know that Holly Sockpuppets claims you are bipolar and have other mental illnesses without any proof. They are analyzing every word dropping from your mouth, every slight movement of your body, what jewelry you wear, and other vague meaningless things to come up with this idiocy.

You need security because of freaks like Holly and privacy. You deserve life, love and liberty just like the rest of us.


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2 Comments on “Dating Lies”

  1. Mithra Says:

    “Did you know that Holly Sockpuppets claims you are bipolar and have other mental illnesses without any proof.”

    Doesn’t she claim to work for Pfizer? Maybe she’s just trying to sell him medication? 😉

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    Great blog Free David Cook. It makes me sad for him. Sad that he knows every word is scrutinized and he knows he has no privacy. Sometimes I wonder if the old adage “Watch what you wish for or you just might get it” ever pops into his head.

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