Google Questions #11

Dear Baldy, some doozies today from Google!

Haphazard a guess – beats the hell out of me?

David Cook + Dating +Fan Fic equals a big old scary cluster scrogg of extremely unlikely and usually biologically impossible sexual adventuring. I’m sure there would be an infinity of orgasms that in reality would leave the participants sere dried up dead husks of a human.

Neil Tiemann screw – See above. Eew no!

Brian Howes twat – See above again!

Baldy runs – Not sure if this is about your charity jog for cancer or a reference to some chrome domed dude with diarrhea. Still makes me laugh.

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One Comment on “Google Questions #11”

  1. Ghausia Says:

    I really think that sometimes, David must cry himself to sleep. Its all he can do.

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