Screechy McScreamsalot

Dear David,

How are you not deaf by now? Screams and yowls like a wildcat with it’s ass in wringer greeting your every sigh onstage? According to a recent review of your show your frau are acting like every utterance from  your lips is orgasm-provoking. Are they wearing vibrating panties? I keep forgetting how easily amused and aroused the frau pack is.

Is that appropriate? Well, yes, if your fans were 12 years old and you were the newest incarnation of the Backstreet Boys. Middle aged women acting like that over someone young enough to have emerged from their own vagina is not so understandable.

But it does sound like there are moments of fun on the tour –

During one song, a handful of people dressed up as superheroes, along with the banana suit guy and another in a monkey suit, stormed the stage. Not sure if that was planned or impromptu antics. It was funny when it happened during The Script’s set, but it was kind of annoying when it interrupted the Alice in Chains tribute. Cook, ever good-natured, simply laughed and went on entertaining his shrieking public.

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4 Comments on “Screechy McScreamsalot”

  1. Ghausia Says:

    He climbed over the seats to high five a kid. Sweetest thing ever!

  2. Ghausia Says:

    lol. Its still sweet. I love what a nice guy he is!

  3. on the edge Says:

    Ha, I saw the headline and thought you were talking about Madam!

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