Ending The Never Ending Tour

Dear Baldy,

So did you get home and gorge on bird flesh in time for Thanksgiving?  I certainly hope so. Everyone should be with the folks they love for the holidays.

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been busy eyeballing the tranny pee possibly coked up train wreck that is Adam Lambert. The Trannypeegate! The face humping! The totally offkey vocals on the AMAs! The falling down! The lip synching on The Early Show! The arrogant stupidity constantly dribbling from his lips like a fountain filled with ignorance! How on earth could I be bothered to write about you when there’s the never ending buffet of Adam Lambert fail? What’s a little pee between friends?

Now you’re coming to the end of the tour that never ends.  What comes next?  Besides rest and reconnection with loved ones. I’m very curious to hear what type of new music is going to come out of your long months on the road. Will 19E let you out from under their thumbs long enough to make original music?

One thing is for sure, we’re coming up on frau danger time, that ugly period between the end of your tour/any Idol tours and the beginning of the next season of American Idol. Fraus will be depressed because there’s no new news or tours. Some of them will wake up and realize that they spent large chunks of time and money tarding and will return to real life. At least until the new Idol season starts in January where they’ll repeat the cycle again, wash, rinse, repeat ad infinitum.

Another surity is that Holly Sockpuppets will scare up a bunch of fake news and gossip to drive traffic to her board. I don’t doubt she’ll raid Model Mayhem and other modeling site to invent a few new girlfriends, whip her few idiotic followers into a frenzy before selling her fake exclusives on your love life to another tabloid.

Remember, avoid Holly Sockpuppets and don’t let any trannies tinkle on you and you should be fine..

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3 Comments on “Ending The Never Ending Tour”

  1. Smartie Says:

    If she’s profiteering off of him in any way, I hope his lawyers go after her.

  2. mustang Says:

    Agreed, although the frau danger time is now…the countdown to the last two shows, where visions of stupid “last show pranks” have reared within the warped minds of the frau, and people who really do care from afar have clued TPTB in regarding planned frau antics. The next few days have the potential to be VERY interesting.

  3. Mithra Says:

    Did Holly Sockpuppets start banning lurkers yet, or was she too busy with twitter antics?

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