….with a bang not a clusterfuck.

Listen up David,

As was pointed out yesterday in the comments now is the dangerous time for you in Fantardlandia.  Now and few remaining gigs.  Get more security, add a few more strong arms and for the love of blubber, stop the meets & greets.


Because with the end of your tour the tard stakes get ratcheted up to an entirely new level of daring and insanity.  I expect the tard antics to get crazier as the possibility of meeting/seeing you starts to evaporate like water in the Sahara. Expect assaults on the tour bus, lies to get inside your hotel/bus/rehearsal/toilet time/whatever.  The concert shrieking will get louder and the same old faces will act sillier.

The end of the tour just has to hold them until your Christmas special with Carrie Underwood airs.  But after that your tard pack faces a long amatory desert with no you while you work on your album.  The tard meltdowns will be so spectacularly ugly.

Good for me, bad for you.  You actually have to suffer through the stunts, I merely get to point and laugh along with everyone else.

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7 Comments on “Ending…”

  1. mustang Says:

    Unfortunately they have two other opportunities. Dec 30 & 31st in California where the worst of the worst are front row AGAIN. What a way to ring in the new year.

  2. Mithra Says:

    Are Marty, Jess and Jabba still at every show? What on earth will they do with themselves come January?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Tard over someone else once AI starts? Maybe. Go into a deep dark depression since DC will be off the road? Maybe. Get real lives and jobs and realize how much time, money and energy they wasted? Naw. Start saving money and planning for the next tour. Bingo!

  3. mustang Says:

    Marty stalks Ryan Star now. Word is she’s moving to NY where he lives.

    Svagina was at Cook’s show last night which turned out to be the last one.

  4. Smartie Says:

    Now all the freaks will crank up the online psychotic behaviour because they won’t have a tour to obsess about. Cue the DDOS attacks, cyber stalking, etc.

  5. mustang Says:

    Just found out that Marty is heading with Stacy out to the New Year’s Eve show. I guess she couldn’t resist stalking Cook one more time for old time’s sake.

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