Run, Neal Tiemann, Run!

Dear David,

For once I’m not talking to you. You’ve reached the end of the tour that never ends and are safely tucked away from frau madness, Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets and the scary others in the recording studio. Go nuts on the music and soar in creativity. Godspeed and good luck with the recording.

I do have things to say about the end of your tour and your crazier fans plus that Christmas special but I’ve been distracted with Trannypeegate and the wonderful world of the holidays. And work, longer hours at work, fewer of us doing more things because of the economic meltdown. Soon I’ll return.

Now I concerned for Neal, your guitarist, the one I always refer to so affectionately as an alcoholic fug that may or may not have banged Krunk Jess in a bathroom. His twitter is being overwhelmed by the crazy postings of one Celineps1 .  The things she’s saying lead me to believe she has real potential to boil a bunny on Neal’s stove before chasing him around with sharp pointy objects.

Top Idol is going to post the screen caps later of all the insanity this chick is saying so I’ll refrain from that but the sheer volume of her postings is scary, like someone obsessed to the point of going after the object of their focus. She has Neal as her background on her twitter and posts that her location is ‘in Tiemanns pants’. But that’s not scary, that’s merely pathetic. What is scary is her many many many postings alleging she’s involved with Neal, that he’s on drugs and various other things. It’s like the fantasy land in her mind has exploded into a radioactive fallout. There are even a few borderline threats and then this gem…

The scariest thing she’s posted is “If the good ones die young then…b careful”

Neal, you need to get on the horn to your agent and get a restraining order asap unless you don’t care what turns up in your stocking on Christmas being stabby stabby.

This is why you don’t boff crazies on the road…


ETA @ 2:00 pm est

She’s still at it. This is what she posted to Neal about the photo he posted from last night…

celineps1 on December 10, 2009
I luv this! And the usual suspects here fallin all over themselves to kiss ure purdy ass ha! He did it for me. U look great honey so excited…
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16 Comments on “Run, Neal Tiemann, Run!”

  1. Natasha Says:

    “that may or may not have banged Krunk Jess in a bathroom” *loses breakfast*

  2. Mithra Says:

    Compared to Neal, Jess is a looker. But Whoah…WTF? Did this woman even meet him?

  3. Mithra Says:

    Damn it resigning in multitasking with typos in my email (:duhpickler):

    Compared to Neal, Jess is a looker. But Whoah…WTF? Did this woman even meet him?

  4. reformed cookfreak Says:

    I was at a show where she was, she’s been seen by fans at a few, very cute girl with dangerous eyes. She was chummy with neal and ryan star at my show in wilmington nc and he talked to her away from fans alone. krunk was there in line with fans making crude remarks about her. I wondered what was up that security let her go up to him by the bus and he seemed cool with it. She waited until all fans left,I didnt wait around to see if she left with neal. The drama must have started after?

  5. nonna-muss Says:

    That show was fairly early in the tour. I’ve read her rantings that she gave Neal a BJ by the bus at that show. Don’t know if it’s true. That’s what she’s said. She has definitely lost it over the last couple of days though. She twatted that she understands the hidden messages in Neal, Andy and Dave’s tweets. She thinks they are talking to her in code. That in itself is scary.

  6. mustang Says:

    I don’t believe for a minute he banged either her or Jess. But it’s funny that after Neal tweeted to “not believe what you hear”, these two psychos (Celine & Jess) are both pointing fingers at each other in their tweets.

    They’re both psychos and Neal needs a restraining order on both.

  7. Mithra Says:

    So she did meet him. Sounds sort of like he does hook up with fans – which is NOT unusual at all. What is new to this is that the internet exposes the crazy. I’m sure in the olden times, if groupies and wannabe groupies were online on forums and twitter, it would have been hair raising scary. Now we all can see it. Who knows how many crazy fan mail letters guys got before.

    And hey, what’s wrong with hidden messages? I was watching Days of Our Lives and Sami Brady sent me a message through her eyes and left elbow movement in code to join the Illuminati and it has since changed and enriched my life. I am so blessed 😉

  8. glambertworship Says:

    Wowzy I just heard recently about this Celine chick from online David Cook sites. Seems some of the tour stalkers saw her at several shows with Neal and jumped online about her being his crazy groupie and yes it seems he probably had something going with her for a minute. Understandable seeing as how she is a vast improvement in the looks department than the fans at his disposal lol. But then she turned out to be a psycho bunny boiler lol! Note to Neal: Keep it in your pants buddy!

  9. glambertworship Says:

    Ps. Looks like Neal and Celine are playing a little twitter game now (according to Celine of course 😉 and every time she spams him he twitters to get his fans to send in replys booting her down the page. I have to admit Neal has never twittered so much before. Maybe I just need to get a life lol!

  10. Smartie Says:

    Funny how Neal never responds to her twattery.

    And I’ve seen photos of Celine. She ain’t pretty.

  11. TopIdol Says:

    I have a bunch of her shit from the DCU loony bin capped 🙂

  12. reformed cookfreak Says:

    Lol these comments are getting to be like idletard. I saw Celine at a show and she is georgeous though obviously disturbed or at least way OTT. It’s obvious

  13. reformed cookfreak Says:

    Lol these comments are starting to sound like idletard. I saw Celine at a show and she is georgeous. Anyone can take an angry picture like the one on topidol. She is obviously disturbed or at least OTT intense lol. But it was obvious the guys knew her and probably some quickie action was going on, they just didn’t anticipate the crazy. Awww the hard lessons of fame lol.

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