Google Questions #13 Hairy Care-y

Dear Baldy,

It’s been a few since I posted the weird searches.  This weeks top two I’m not even going to comment on except to say that they relate to yesterday’s posting here and at Top Idol.

“Neal Tiemann Fucks Krunk Jess”

“Neal Tiemann Fucks Celine”

Who knows at this point.  I don’t want to know.  If he did I hope he wore the entire three pack of Trojans on Mr. Happy.  Safety first!

Here’s the last few weeks worth of the giggle-worthy.

“Porny to free” – Uhhh, is someone looking for free pron?

“Fuck Yeah David Cook” – This one conjures up images of concerts and guys with lighters at the encore yelling ‘Fuck YEAH!’

“Free Good Twats” – Someone on the hunt for nookie. I guess the pron wasn’t enough.

“Propecia Baldy Cook” – Now this one made me spit my coffee out on the keyboard!  I could be mistaken but isn’t Propecia the drug that allows your hair to regrow but has other side effects, like, you know, the inability of Mr. Happy to work. So it lets you regrow the hair to attract the ladies but once you’ve got them the most you’d be capable of doing with them is playing Monopoly.

“stalking Holly”We’ve covered this one before but there’s lots of versions of this search.

“What does David Cook use on his hair” – If I had to guess I’d say you grab the first thing that strikes your fancy from the drugstore shelf.  I don’t know what the AI stylists were using on your hair but you should get some immediately.  Or a good organic shampoo that won’t add to the hair loss, like Hugo Naturals.

“ten porny” – Another horny lonely search.

“rug comb” – I hope they were looking for this and not this. Makes me laugh that if you Google this term this site pops up on the first page of results.  No, sorry Googlers, I know very little of wigs, combs or rug combs. The only rug combs I have any expertise in are the type you use to clean your horse tack.

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