The Gift That Keeps On Giving…

And I have a gift for you David and everyone that reads here…

No, it’s not straight jackets or restraining orders for Holly Sockpuppets or the insane Celine twittering suicide threats at Neal Tiemann.

It’s the Ebook of the Chronicles of L Anne Carrington, a lady you’d think might be actually be a fictional character on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.  She’s not fictional even if she has a definite bend towards fiction. Read about her fake fiancees, fake pregnancies, fake writings, fake weightloss surgeries, fake beauty pageants and other fakeries and forgeries. I guarantee you’ll laugh.  Just try to avoid the nasty porn parts..

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4 Comments on “The Gift That Keeps On Giving…”

  1. Smartie Says:

    L Anne is love ❤

  2. melismaqueen Says:

    And she’s swanky.

  3. wickedlydark Says:

    This is a work of art. All hail L Anne! Everyone needs to go download this right now!

  4. Yaara Says:

    Yay it’s finally here! Excitement. Now I have something to read during those dull pointless 6pm university classes.

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