Good & Bad: More Holly Sockpuppets

Well, David, I have good news and bad news for your bright shiny New Year beginning.

By perusing the postings of Mary Ann Holly Sockpuppets at David Cook Uncensored it seems that she’s already back pedaling away from you in preparation for the new season of American Idol.  It seems like she picks a new object du obsessionale every two years like clockwork, like the swallows returning to Capistrano or the vampires returning to their coffins. Predictable she most certainly is. She’s been a Clay Tard and a Constain, ooops, Constantine Tard too. I think she might have been a Soul Patroller too, or perhaps I’m thinking of someone else. I can’t kept her tardings straight.

She’s posted at her board that she and her various sockpuppets will be ‘too busy’ to post much in the coming year. Tard speak for “I’m finding someone new to worship and set up scary shrines to.”

It’s too funny that she’s falling out of obsession with you merely because you practice the ancient art of self decoration via tattoos. She’s lost it over your tattoos. But this one sent her over the edge..

I don’t get at all what the big deal is. You’re free, white and over 21 so you’re free to do whatever you want to your body, from ball shaving to sex changes. It’s all good. Go nuts, dude!

Not according to Holly Sockpuppets. In her world you’re supposed to be as pure as the driven snow, as spotless as Snow White’s thong. Like one of those palace eunuchs the Italians kept to sing soprano in their operas. Holly thinks you smoke, drink, screw, tattoo and curse too much. While under the US Constitution she is entitled to whatever view she wishes she goes further, marching out the Sockpuppet troops to mindlessly agree with her. They then, in turn, beat up verbally on anyone holding the view that you’re not a rattled old man-whore hooked on booze and cigs and ink.

It’s hysterical she bashes you for drinking yet keeps posing with a glass of wine in her photos. She seems to think wine is somehow klassier but how are we to know she’s not drinking Mad Dog or Rippple?

So her finding a new someone special to stalk can only be good for you (and horrible for the next poor silly bastard!)

But the bad part was finding loads of photographic evidence that Holly Sockpuppets is the one driving the rumors about who you do and do not care to share your steak and two veggies with. She’s made up loads of dumb shit and it’s available for anyone to see on her Twitter Pictures account.

Since I know what a lying coward she is and I know she’ll be pulling down those photos any second now with all the claims of your using modeling sites as a free pussy guide I’m posting the one I found the most offense. By the way, there are also many photos there she has zero permission to use, including some taken by a friend of a friend who would be horrified to find their photos being bandied about by Miss Crazy Cakes.

Holly Sockpuppets claims this is a porn star you boffed in Myrtle Beach but when you research the name of this supposedly star posted by Holly you don’t find this particular person. It proves yet again that Holly makes up crap and feeds it to your poor gullible fantards. Whoever that girl really is she looks like many others in Myrtle Beach in the summertime. Very pretty. Hope you did cut a slice and have some fun with her.

But it illustrates the bad, how Holly Sockpuppets has been the one creating the drama over who are you or aren’t dating or sleeping with. She’s profited from it by driving traffic to her board as well as supposedly has sold information to the tabloids.

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32 Comments on “Good & Bad: More Holly Sockpuppets”

  1. Smartie Says:

    Mayann Ellis is a piece of shit

  2. Natasha Says:

    Hmm, wonder why Holly removed “her picture” and is using other graphics as her avi at DCU? The blonde in the picture with Cook is cute, but I am sure that the “fans” have found a way to make her out to be some lowlife hooker.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    This woman is a nightmare and needs to be stopped. She’ll be easy to spot while she starts on a new Idol victim. It should be a cinch to guess who she’s going to obsess over too. Male and first or last name will start with C.

    She needs to take down any pictures that are not of just Cook and his band. She’s got no business putting pictures of private people on her twitter. She had a shitter when Top Idol posted pictures of her and said Top Idol had no right, so what gives Mary Ann Ellis?

    • mustang Says:

      Yes, would love to know how she got her hands on a photo of him standing up to his friend’s wedding.

      • Frightened_Canuck Says:

        I was wondering the same thing mustang. That photo creeped me out the most. Quite stalkerish.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Actually I can’t believe I’m defending Holly on this one. Someone at the wedding took a bunch of pictures and posted them somewhere very public but I can’t remember where. They hit every tard board. No fans stalked the wedding or anything like that. It was an invited guest who took and posted the pictures.

      • mustang Says:

        Ah, okay thanks! I wondered.

  4. angie Says:

    The reason she’s telling everyone that she won’t be posting much in the future is because she’s going to post as someone else instead. She just doesn’t want you to think it’s her – because she wants you to think she is too busy and important being an ad exec and a music exec and a law student, taking all those business trips with her laptop, to fanwank on a tard board.

    Seriously, I don’t think she’s already predetermined that she’ll pick a new “Idol” this season. She’ll jump on a new bandwagon whenever someone comes on the scene who has a defensive, hysterical, horny, undersexed fanbase that she can yank the chains of again like she’s done with Clay and Constantine and David. Granted, she’s probably going to be on the lookout, because she knows her gig is pretty much up in CookTardLandia, thanks to you and TopIdol.

    • Sandy Says:

      She’s posting as many different people already. I believe the vast majority of posters that are delurking to make their obligatory posts in order to remain on the board are her. Late Christmas eve/early Christmas morning she logged in over a dozen new sockpuppets one after another that had all been registered on 9-28-09 and had never logged in before. She must have made up hundreds of fake accounts. If you scroll through the list of members you can see there are still many of them who have never logged in. And they are all young and classy between the ages of 24 and 34. Doesn’t she realize how stupid this makes her look when she’s so obvious about it?

  5. Natasha Says:

    She is now saying the board will close if David’s next CD doesn’t do well … that she is not all that interested anymore. Seems to fit the bill, doesn’t it?

  6. Sandy Says:

    Holly’s been working her stable of sockpuppets overtime since Sunday night and continuing through today to scold the members and defend herself because one of the regular posters chose to be banned rather than comply with her proxy rules. In one of her goodbye posts she dared to state that Holly had been banned from another forum and hated them for it. Holly brought out a whole parade of her old favorites like Diane, bluebyyou, aha, amisha, Clare, Andrea, blackrose, Barbara32, and Americanidolfan and a bunch of new ones like sexyhotdavid, cookiesgirl, Kellyclarksonfan, Millie, Raceyrachael, INC, and davidrocksmyworld. You can tell which newbies are her because they will be the members that have never once logged in before but seem to know all about what’s going on and scold the established members or explain what Holly meant. The whole thing is so absurd.

  7. Pamela Says:

    I thought Holly creating all those fake members was funny at first but the other day she logged in using the names and locations of a couple of David Cook’s old friends from before Idol. That’s just wrong!

  8. mustang Says:

    How does anyone have the time to keep up with so many aliases?

    • Sandy Says:

      She can’t keep up with all of them at all. Most of the “new members” she had delurk over the past few months to say how much they love the board so please don’t ban them have never even logged on once since then. If they loved the board so much why don’t they ever come back? Doesnt she get how stupid that looks?

      I personally don’t get why she makes up so many that she can’t keep up with them. Do you think it could be so she can claim to have more members than she really does to sell advertising on her site?

  9. Anonymouse Says:

    The member who was banned said she used a proxy for privacy reasons. Holly’s response was to publish the member’s state of residence. Way to show us how much fans shouldn’t be afraid of having private details made public at DCU, Holly!

  10. freedavidcook Says:

    She reminds me of this recently published piece at Cracked – Most Retarded Internet Arguing. Who knew Sock Puppeteering could be called Wingman?

  11. Donna Says:

    I stopped going to DCU when Holly banned the use of proxies and required the members to post something so she could get their IP addresses. She says she can’t do much with the IP information but members who are posting from work should be aware that they are giving her their employer information if their company uses its own servers for internet traffic. I looked up my IP address at work and I found the name and address of my employer. I don’t think I’d trust Holly with that information.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I feel pretty certain if Holly goes nuts enough it would not be beyond her to send out emails to various peoples employers. A lot of companies take that sort of use of company computers very serious.


      Holly likes to play games and is not above trying to get someone fired. She tried very unsuccessfully to get two Constantine fans fired from their jobs years ago. Somewhere online her threatening phone calls to one of the ladies is still posted. She’s still up to the same tricks she was back then.

  12. nonna-muss Says:

    Pameela: “I thought Holly creating all those fake members was funny at first but the other day she logged in using the names and locations of a couple of David Cook’s old friends from before Idol. That’s just wrong!”

    It is wrong. There is something funny about it though. She called one by a nickname she doesn’t use and she spelled the others name wrong. Way to be Holly. No one thinks it’s really them, at least I hope no one does. I don’t know what she thinks she’s gaining by doing what she did. She only makes herself look like more of an asshat.

    • Sandy Says:

      Holly and her sockpuppets are always spelling that one girl’s name wrong and I think she might have the other one confused with another girl who has the same name.

      A friend of mine got so fed up with Holly’s games that she sent her an email about how wrong it was to use David’s friends’ names like that. Holly accused my friend of harrassment and said she’s not the owner or admin of a forum. She pretended she didn’t know what my friend was talking about and demanded to know how she got her email address. My friend told her that she sends it to all the members as it is the reply to address for all emails coming from DCU. Holly then got very abusive towards her, called her names, said she didn’t care if someone was using her address on a forum and said she would report my friend to the authorities if she heard from her again.

      I would think that if someone were improperly using my email address I would want to know some details about it so I could put a stop to it. I checked the emails I got from DCU and the reply email was the same one my friend found. I looked back at the posts on TopIdol about Holly and she used the same email address there as well. I don’t get how she thinks she is fooling anyone.

  13. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    One thing that I consistently find amusing about these posts (and I in no way mean any disrespect) is that people actually call her Holly. We all talk about her fake identities on DCU, but Holly is just ANOTHER (albeit the MAIN) fake name on there. Her name is Mary Ann Ellis, and she is certifiably crazy.

    Again, I don’t mean to pick on the posters here. It’s just interesting to see that people refer to her as Holly, when even THAT is a lie…

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Well, she insists she’s Holly and not Mary Ann Ellis so I want to make sure she knows that I think she’s a fucked up bitch that’s why I call her Holly. I don’t want her to get confused. It seems pretty easy to confuse her. Just for the record, I know you didn’t mean any disrespect.

      Anyone see Holly’s new post today trying to prove how many people want to get on her wonderful board?

      • Sandy Says:

        I saw that post. Funny thing is…she announced back in November that she would not approve any new members until some time after the New Year. But there were a bunch of new members approved who signed up after that announcement. I guess those new members must all have been her as the others are still awaiting approval.

  14. HolySocks Says:

    Sandy, you have got this bitch nailed! I completely agree with every word you have posted. I know for a fact a lot of members on DCU know exactly what is going on. They either choose to ignore it (they don’t care) or they do what we are doing…talk about it over here! It’s just a matter of time. She has pulled out the sockpuppet brigade last night after not one post in over three hours to start a new thread to attempt to identify who is ‘ratting her out’ over here! It is hysterical! Her ‘queen bitch’ Diane started it and her other bitchy puppet, Sharon, joined right in the fun! Oh, we have a new one, folks! The Constantine AND David Cook fan known as DavidRocks has jumped right in commenting on this blog and asking stupid, assanine questions such as, “Who is Celine??”, while claiming her ‘newbie’ status.
    Like you said, who does she think she is fooling?? She’s one dumb bitch, that is for sure!!!

    • Sandy Says:

      Don’t you just love how she has her sockpuppets do all the dirty work and then she comes in at the end pretending she’s too classy and above making that sort of comment and then locks the thread so no one else can add anything? She did the same thing in the Smartie thread too.

      Also, Holly/MaryAnn…since I know you are reading her, I think hiding behind your sockpuppets to scold your members and call them names while you pretend to be all nice and classy is a very cowarldy thing to do.

      • HolySocks Says:

        Oh! I know…Holly Sockpuppets to the rescue! She can smack down her members via Diane and Sharon (among others) and then she comes out of NOWHERE to play the martyr! What a joke.

        Just for grins, I noticed a couple of other sockpuppets who have come out to show their stuff today…bijou, lanalou, redhead, nyCArole and allthatispink. They are having such a good time over at DCU! Most of them with their 5-6 word sentences full of nothing.

        Oh, and I noticed someone disputed Holly’s post regarding 2009 numbers for the highest earning Idols! Loves it!

  15. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Wha-? So now nyCArole is on DCU??? BAHAHAHA!! Does she still write in some caps and some small letters, and does she still make NO SENSE in her posts?

    If she really is on DCU, sadly, she is not a sockpuppet. She is the fruitcake who used to spam that voice mail thing that David had at one time (is that still up?). Anyhoo, Smartie had some of her classy messages on IT–I forget who recorded the messages, but they were funny and scary as hell all at the same time! She was one of the “first” ones that I thought had gone over the edge. Sadly, she is not alone in that category now.

    • HolySocks Says:

      Oh, God! I remember her! How do we know Holly Sockpuppets isn’t using her ‘moniker’ to appear that it’s not a puppet of hers?? She’s a sneaky bitch like that!

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Well, nyCArole writes in that most unique way of CAps and smALL letters. I have no idea why she does it, but it drives mE crAZy! LOL She doesn’t really make too much sense in her posts, too, but then again, neither does “Holly”. Who knows if she is real or fake on the DCU site.

      • Sandy Says:

        I didn’t think nycarole was Holly but I do think Holly has registered sockpuppets with other people’s user names. She went overboard creating sockpuppets on 9-28-09. One of them was brisblondie who stuck up for Holly in the rant against TopIdol thread. She said if you “goggled” MaryAnn’s name you would find she did work for Sony. Well, you will find a profile for MaryAnn Ellis showing that she is an Executive Director for Sony but I believe that’s a fake that MaryAnn made up. There is a brisblondie on twitter and on several David Cook fan sites and I think Holly just used her name as she got her birthday wrong. She also registered a squirrely and a tigerlily on 9-28 and those are names used by other Cook fans. Monica registered on 9-28 replaces another Monica who deleted her account in the summer. Sockpuppet Monica also stated she found proof that MaryAnn used to work for Sony in that rant thread. There is also a Daniella created on 9-28. There was a Danielle who ran a Cook fan board and who banned Holly and she often spells her name as Daniella. I’m sure you could find more.

      • Smartie Says:

        Brisblondie is another Confrau like Mary Ann Ellis

  16. Brisblondie Says:

    This is the actual Brisblondie and I never stuck up for this person. She has apparently used my screen name several times for her purposes around the internets. Not me.

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