Google Searches #14

Dear Baldy,

I’ve been neglectful of the strange Google searches in the last month. Sometimes it bes that way because real life is busy busy.

Yesterday when I put in that short bit about your Best Buy punking I looked at some of the Google searches and pulled the top three oddies. Today I looked at the data base and pulled these too.

Mouth Harpies Disease

Andy Skib Teeth

Twats That Suck

Would David Cook date a fan?

Holly Sockpuppet Insider

How to cook Mundo

Insane Cook brothers

Seems like some sort of strange poetry.

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One Comment on “Google Searches #14”

  1. mustang Says:

    I guess the answer to #4 could be, “possibly”.

    But that of course doesn’t include the harpies, so they may as well give up. They’re not what I define as “fans”, so David’s safe.

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