A Sock Puppet, A Sock Puppet, My Kingdom For A Sock Puppet!

I understand Baldy that the Mary Ann/Holly Sock Puppets have been in overdrive over at David Cook Uncensored. Spinning, whirling, flip-flopping trying to figure out who sussed out her split personalities. She’s been issuing threats. Threats about taking down the board because she is no longer that interested in you. Particularly if your next offering flops. Well, fickle is the heart of a certain female.

Even funnier are her threats of  the legal variety. The sock puppets have all been yammering on about law soots Mary Ann/Holly/Puppeteering Is Us have supposedly filed against Idoltard, Top Idol and others. Funnily enough none of us have received letters or summons to court yet. Could it be an idol, errr, idle threat? I understand that KC from the Pink Board has been waiting 4 years for her summons. I guess the wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine.

Baldy, if I could tell Mary Ann/Holly/Multiplying Sock Puppets O’ Splendor one thing it would be this: give it up. Get hobbies, like knitting or reading to the blind, harmless doings.  But step away from the computer please.  Close DCU and take a sledgehammer to your computer because it’s not healthy to be doing all this nonsense and drama. Stop inventing fake girlfriends for David. Stop popping up under a zillion names. Stop playing with other people before you end up in the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Cookoo, Fran & Ollie

You notice Mary Ann isn’t getting crunked up to blow the dog in this rendering.

I think what we need to do next is put together a comprehensive chart of all the upcoming Idol guys and start betting on who Mary Ann/Holly tards over this coming season. David, you’ll be off her radar once she does her two year Idol rotation…

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2 Comments on “A Sock Puppet, A Sock Puppet, My Kingdom For A Sock Puppet!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    She’s also threatening to file harrassment charges against my friend for sending her a couple emails about her forum at the reply-to email address for her forum. Holly/MaryAnn…I know you are reading here because you just changed your DCU reply-to address from the NYgirl one to Stella after I posted about this the other night. I’m waiting to see how you spin that. And my friend is eagerly awaiting to see just who files those charges against her. Seeing as how she only stated her opinion about something you posted on your forum and in no way threatened or attacked you…I personally can’t see how a case for harrassment could be made.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Not to mention for legal documents one would assume one would have to use their legal name. In this case it would be Mary Ann Ellis of PA. Not Holly, big Sony executive of NYC. She can never file against anyone because it would prove all the truths that she claims are lies. It would prove who she really is and she will never, ever admit that. I’m no lawler, but I think your friend is pretty safe Sandy.

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