A Sock Hunting We Will Go..Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Sock Farm

Dear David,

I hate it when socks go missing in the wash. You start out with five matched pairs but by the time you sit down to fold there seems to be random missing socks. Is there a hole in the time/space continuum straight from my swanky European washer/dryer to some alternate sock-heaven or something? Sven gets upset when his Swedish massage socks fall through the portal to other dimensions.

Not interested in socks are you?

This might interest you.  Two of Mary Ann/Holly’s newer Sock Puppets are pretending to be real life friends of yours, using the friends real names and everything.  One of the fake ladies she’s using the gals nickname but with other one Mary Ann is taking creative spelling license. I’m thinking this is just so she can claim it’s not her dumber Wingman moves. It allows her into tricking the gullible and dumb into believing they really know you. But we all know this is more sock-foolery.

David Cook Uncensored is nothing if not a thriving Sock Farm, more puppets than legitimate members.  Nothing speaks more deeply of attention whorism than all the relentless sock puppetry.  I loved what Encyclopedia Dramatica had to say about Sock Puppets

“Multiple accounts are the natural result of a non-anonymous website. People switch accounts just to stay anonymous. But a sock puppet is when a person uses these accounts to prove they’ve not gotten laid for a very long time, if ever.”

I guess that explains all those photos of Mary Ann and her dog looking friendly.

Loving that ED mentions that one of the best ways of dealing with sock puppets is to make fun of them. Epic fail Mary Ann/Holly.

Also loving that awesome turn by Kris Allen singing the National Anthem at tonight’s playoff game between the Saints and the Vikings. That boy can wail!

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3 Comments on “A Sock Hunting We Will Go..Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Sock Farm”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    Holly Sockpuppets is one for the record books. There are so many sockpuppets it’s difficult to keep up with. Unfortunately she doesn’t go away with mocking or calling-out, she only invents more sockpuppets to say what a great board DCU is and how tortured Holly is by the likes of Free David Cook, TopIdol and all the other evil haters. Soon enough I fully expect that I will try to log in only to find the site no longer exists.

    FDC–you’re right! I think all our missing dryer socks end up as puppets over in HollyLand. FDC, you have answered one of the great mysteries of life…you are genius. Tell Sven I’ll look for a Swedish sockpuppet the next time I’m there.

  2. Mithra Says:

    I think they get sucked into the drain, sort of like Holly will be once the three people who are left in her lair leave. I bet she’s lighting prayer candles hoping that Honeycutt guy is in…

  3. Ghausia Says:

    I found my sock! It was under the bed!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go twat to David about a certain person that added me on Twatter last night.

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