Truth About Superbowl, AI OCD & The Grammys

Dear Davenstein,

Yesterday I asked about the whole search for ‘American Idol OCD’ and tonight I stumble across this gem.

[redlasso id=”a50ff349-9e6a-490c-a65f-f936329e43e0″]

You try to touch her remote during AI and she’s going to get all Stabby-McStabby on your ass! I didn’t know OCDers could get violent like that.

Did you see Adam Lambert’s get up at the Grammys? He looked like KFCs Colonel Saunders ass raped Elvis Presley resulting in him and then someone came along and peed on his suit. I was very confused with the whole look.  He tries too hard and it never works.

But the internet is buzzing with the news that you were sighted practicing the National Anthem for the Superbowl. Are you teaming up with your pal Carrie Underwood? She’s booked to sing the opening song. Or are you a last minute substitution? Numerous sighting reports are coming in. Mehh, whatever.

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One Comment on “Truth About Superbowl, AI OCD & The Grammys”

  1. Mithra Says:

    Not Elvis, but more like Eddie Munster, Liza, and Wayne Newton. Instead of the Colonel, I was thinking more like that 60’s show Wild Wild West. I used to watch reruns as a kid. I saw it again after many years a few months ago. An episode where Jim(?) was kidnapped by a midget.

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