Wet Fat Asses

Dear Baldy,

The last dozen or so times when I’ve gone to the gym I’ve been in the dressing room in various states of dishabille when your voice has flooded the area. You must be on heavy rotation on Sirius on certain stations. I always laugh because I’m surrounded by things that remind me of your fraus, tons of wet fat ass.  Except this ass is mother nekkid.  I didn’t know fat lady ass came in so many different varieties. Makes me feel like in the midst of a concert by you. It’s disturbing…

But not as disturbing as the continued Twitter antics of one Celine.  Heard that security was on the lookout for her at the Mid West Kings concert last weekend. Supposedly she overslept or was drunk or something.

I think she knew she’s get sissy slapped by some of your other fraus or security.

Are you going to have security comb tomorrow’s crowd for any sign of crazy frau? Good luck with that! Might it look something like this?

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6 Comments on “Wet Fat Asses”

  1. mustang Says:

    Looks like Celine has moved on to her next victim(s).

    Cook’s show is tonight. And of course the usual suspects are winging their way there. Expect more false stories of “epic” adventures.

  2. caspar Says:

    Yep, Celine’s out trolling online for other ‘hot’ musicians who might be stupid enough to fall for her (non existent) charms.

    Haven’t seen any details, but someone who was at Morongo said that the crowd was ‘unruly’ and security was being difficult.

  3. mustang Says:

    Crowd was pissed because security was doing their job.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Security should be difficult because they are one fucking crazy lot!

      Thinking some of the more tardy ones had to be at the Adam Lambert concert instead. Glad Baldy and pals were not electrocuted performing out of doors in the rain.

      • mustang Says:

        Found out main bitching was because security made them go back to their seats. At least one was physically walked back to her seat, where she bitched about her “obstructed view”.

        Because the first 125 times she stalked the front row wasn’t enough for her.

  4. mustang Says:

    No, they were there, even Marty, but the band apparently circulated afterwards and met a lot of fans. Crazy lot can’t falsely claim they exclusively partied with the band this time.

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