European Vacation

Dear David,

So you survived the concert in the rain last weekend near Palm Springs in one piece, did you? I heard tell that the tards were most annoyed that you’ve done the smart thing and beefed up your security. Quelle domage! Tales emerged of people actually being forced to sit in the seats they actually held tickets for. Imagine, for once they were  not being allowed to puddle down over the stage edge like a virulent fungi.  One uber tard pretended to be press before being ejected. Good going for once.

Hey, and you guys weren’t even electrocuted by the deluge of water plus musical instruments. That was always my big fear performing at an outdoor venue in the rain. To paraphrase poor old Patsy Cline – you don’t get rained out on these gigs, come rain, snow, hell or high water you keep on sanging.

And now you’re off to my most favorite corners of the world, Europe. Enjoy your vacation and be sure to hit every place with local beers and see all the tourist traps.  A few places to see:

Ireland – All the old pubs and kiss the Barney Stone

England – London and Cornwall. Again, try all the great local beers. I used to favor Fulham Tup with all the representation of sheep scrogging decorating every surface but I understand it is now closed and reopened as The Rose.

Holland – The Van Gogh museum, the Anne Frank house, Keukenhoff Gardens *all the smoke shops and the Red Light District*  Beer and cheese.

France – Paris – Overrated except for the huge Flea Market on the Left Bank. French Rivera – one very expensive beach

Germany – Berlin – The old Opera Cafe or the Magyar restaurant. Excellent food and drink. Munich – If you want to hang with tourists visit that tourist trap the Hofbrau House. Tons of things to see and do in Munich combined with an incomparable night life. Be sure to see the tourist stuff like Neuswanstein and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. In Germany every little area has its own beer. Drink up.

Poland – Mmmmeh

Romania – Mmmeeh

Spain and Italy – Anywhere and everywhere! Food in both places the best and Northern Italy is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places you will ever set eyes on.

Austria – Salzburg. Again, so many places to see. Be sure to eat either Sasher Torte or Opera Torte with the gold overlay on the icing.

(Pssst, readers.. I know I missed a ton of places to suggest. Post your own favorites in the comments)

I am laughing reading your tweets this morning as I see you took my suggestion. Whenever I am doing Nigerian scambaiting and the baiters insist on meeting I always direct them to meet me at the crossing on Abbey Rd. I sit back and laugh my ass off watching them on the web cam wandering around looking confused looking for a priest carrying a suitcase full of case.

Which is why I suggested showing your stalkers you were indeed in Londontown by allowing them to see you traipse over the pavement via Abbey Road web cam.

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11 Comments on “European Vacation”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    May I suggest Mantova, Italy. A really special, out of the way little village with amazing history. The local dish, tortelli di zucca, is to DIE for. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes though, the streets are made of river rock and although beautiful, difficult to walk on
    Be sure to visit The Basilica di Sant’Andrea while in Mantova. A-maz-ing. Beautiful al fresco paintings and history. Try to visit the Basilica at noon local time. The architecture holds a special surprise if lucky enough to be there at that time of the day.

    Have fun in Europe Dave. Breath it all in and remember every minute! Soon enough you’ll be back here on tour looking at the same ugly faces night after night after night.

  2. mustang Says:

    He’s in Sweden now. Tweeted “I kind of want to live in Sweden” and the fandom exploded.

    • Teevho Says:

      yeah, I know he’s in Swede, a place with the highest suicide rate in Europe. All those cold gray days I suppose. He seems very cheery.

      Maybe all the pallid blonds Swedish makes Baldy feel strangely almost bronzed instead of his usual prison pallor. Or they make him feel tall. Or the best blonds, booze or bars. No telling why

      • mustang Says:

        Speaking of bronzed, another “controversy” among fandom was this burning question. Is his tan real or fake?

        Because of course, that’s what we all need to know.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    It’s fake, so what? I’m as pale as he normally is and I’ve faked it too. I can’t believe his “tan” has become such an obsession with these freaks.

    Maybe he likes Sweden so much because he can be out and about without having a herd of cattle chasing him around. He should enjoy it as much as possible before he has to come home. Have fun David!!!

  4. freedavidcook Says:

    If his tan is fake or not is a controversy? Don’t his tards have something better to do that speculate fake bake or not? *slaps self in head*

    The current tardless state of being able to move around freely in Europe might be the very thing making David love his locale so much.

  5. mustang Says:

    Unfortunately they made their mark already on him even from a distance by directly dissing one of the co-writers he was working with in London. As in, bashing the guy directly on his twitter. Because certain fans seem to know what type of music Cook should be making better than he knows himself.

    Such a great way to represent Cook to others in the industry that he needs to continue this train ride.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      WTF? Who did they diss? I’m sure I can guess who some of the culprits were. I’m off today from work and out of boredom I’m cruising twitter. Seeing how many of his “fans” tweet about nothing but him or to him is disturbing to say the least. I saw yesterday that Andy Skib had a new avi until he was harassed enough about it that he changed it. I suppose just to shut them up. These people need to get a life. Seriously. I’m a fan but I do not tweet him or the band members, I don’t run to follow someone just because Cook mentions him/her, I don’t get it.

      • mustang Says:

        It’s Savan Kotecha. Apparently the writers David has been working with in Europe are too “pop music” for some fans who think they know better. They can’t seem to move on from his pre-Idol music, even though he clearly has.

        If they’d actually listen to the man, he’s been very specific about the fact that he doesn’t like categorizing music into genres. When one of the California stalkers berated him for not writing with Neal Tiemann more, David actually tweeted back, “I hear you, but there’s good music to be found everywhere.” Basically saying, “stfu, I know what I’m doing better than you do”. (Of course, said California stalker took it to mean that he was privileged and important enough to get a direct tweet, totally missing the admonishing, but that’s part of their mindset in that they never get what is actually being told them.)

        Regarding the tweeting to the writers, it prompted a bunch of other fans to tell said complainers to stfu themselves, and to give them an education on twitter etiquette. Mainly, if you want to bitch about an artist or the writers they work with, don’t include an @ reply so it doesn’t actually get back to them. Savan Kotecha actually acknowledged he knew certain fans were bashing the choice of him writing with David.

        These fans have no idea the impact it could have on the artist or their career. I don’t get it either.

  6. nonna-muss Says:

    Funny you mentioned the “he” from Cali. Exactly the first know-it-all-busy-body that came to my mind. Yes, I think Cook and his record company know more about the new album and the direction they want to take it more than fans do. I’m a fan, if I like the CD I’ll listen to it, if I don’t-I won’t. I don’t have to love everything he does. These people really need to get lives. I made the mistake of telling some other fans I didn’t care for “You and I” and got charbroiled. Being a Cook fan can be scary.

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