Bad Behavior

Dear David,

I hear your ‘fans’ have been twitter-spamming some pop songwriter in the UK that you’ve been working with. Apparently they expect you to be all ‘Rawk’ and stuff, losing their minds over possible power pop. They chose to ignore that the “My Sharona”s of this world have their place too. Not everything has to be rock n roll hardcore.

It’s rather rude to twit to someone that you hate their songs and that they are ruining your idol by working with him. Like a bunch of clucking hens pecking an innocent duck to death because he doesn’t look/sound anything like the rooster they’re used to. Who made all those biddies guardians of your music in the first place? Why should their subjective opinions matter more than anyone elses?

Crazy and rude.

Oh and special message for L Anne Carrington/Lori Ann Dennick –  Yes, my friend Sandy slept with your crush. She screwed him, blew him, tattooed him, whatever and said ~ NEWSFLASH ~ he was hung like a hamster and horrible between the sheets. That’s the closest you’ll ever come to laying him.

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3 Comments on “Bad Behavior”

  1. Sandy Says:

    It really drives me crazy how some of the fans seem to think they own his ass and want to control everything he does. Just because they voted for him doesn’t mean he owes the rest of his life to them. They are constantly nitpicking on him for every little thing. His music should be more alternative …no it should be less alternative and more mainstream ….more upbeat …but not too pop. He should grow his hair longer …no he should cut it shorter …now it’s too short he needs the bangs but not too long. Don’t wear the beanie …wear this …don’t wear that, etc. etc. etc….. I don’t even want to get into his sex life. He’s probably ready to tear out what little hair he has left.

    DISCLAIMER! I am NOT the same Sandy that screwed, blew and tattooed L. Anne’s crush. Just to be clear.

    • Teevho Says:

      I know you’re not that Sandy! LOL… I work with her and she’s something else.

      They need to just leave poor Baldy alone. He needs his space and the freedom to create whatever direction that pleases him.

      • Sandy Says:

        You may know that but I wouldn’t want anyone else to get the wrong idea 🙂

        Some of the same fans who were griping and complaining that his bangs were too long and stringy were then complaing that his new haircut is too short. It’s so ridiculous. They will never be happy. I hope he can ignore it but sometimes I wonder what new fans who might visit his official site would think of these discussions.

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