Weeny Wagging Idol

Dear Baldy,

I cannot decide if it was extremely clever or extremely stupid of you to have announced a Chatroulette last night. The idea of your fraus, who haven’t seen dick or been laid properly since the Cro Magnon era, being confronted by a sea free floating dong is delicious. I can just imagine them clicking ‘next’ like a pack of crazed mice looking for the cheese pellet of you in a maze of perverted strangers. Oh, the insanity of it all.  I love the idea of it all. Sort of organized frau torture.

The one time I did Chatroulette I got a nekkid Santa Claus clone pounding his dick, a young man demanding I molester myself and a wonderful transgendered beautiful lady trying to show me her/his peen. I ended up asking the transgendered lady/gent all my questions that I’d always wanted to ask. Definitely a very strange time indeed.

I’m sure the dong-pullers were pissed off to get you shilling your music too. Frau torturing and perv torturing for the win. They might have been more receptive had you removed your pants.

Did you realize this when you decided to do a Chatroulette? That it was going to be next to impossible for the fraus to get through to you past the 95% of users that are waving their cocks? If you did then I bow to your evil genius, if not then you’re just lame for not realizing the comic potential. It’s sort of a wonderful fuck you to the obsessional.

Speaking of obsessional I hear that 19 Entertainment has scheduled you to appear on Idol Wednesday night. Well good luck with that because seeing a group of youngsters slaughtering the Rolling Stones catalog sounds like an evening that will only end up inducing a migraine. Bring earplugs.

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