Adam Lambert? Really??

Dear Baldy,

Rumor has it that Lambert is going to be the mentor this week on “American Idol”  during Beatles week. I don’t get it. He’s not exactly a Beatles expert and his album isn’t exactly a huge hit.  He’s a whore.

I guess this will set Kerry Kolsch off on another conspiracy theory rant. Here comes 500 pages of another bunch of wishful thinking on her part.

Why? Why not you? Do you not have something to offer the Idol contestants?

I am hoping this is just another ridiculous Sparkle Cow rumor.

ETA:  Top Idol has written about this rumor coming from some DJ in Iowa. In Iowa…

ETAA: And now it’s been confirmed for next week. Toll the funeral knell for Idol for it is done.

I guess this means I might need to ice down the beer and sodas as well as make fresh popcorn so I can sit back and enjoy the tard fights.

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10 Comments on “Adam Lambert? Really??”

  1. That has got to be some sparkle cow rumor. People would be calling for AI’s demise if they dared let a contestant from last year mentor for Beatles songs.

  2. mustang Says:

    Well, they did let Miley mentor, so nothing would surprise me.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Yeah? Maybe he can teach Siobhan how to stick her tongue out when she does those screechy high notes.

    I could see someone like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood or Daughtry maybe mentoring for an appropriate theme because they have established themselves and reached a level of success but Adam has yet to prove himself so it seems like a slap in the face if he would actually be considered to do this over other more qualified Idol alumni.

    Of course those others are actually busy with their careers and might not have the available time whereas it seems Adam’s schedule is considerably more open these days.

  4. nonna-muss Says:

    I could definitely see Kelly, Carrie or Daughtry, but Adam? It’s still a rumor though. Can you imagine the meltdowns by the Claymates, The Soul Patrol, PWE tards and Cooktardlandia? It will be a mass meltdown of epic proportions. If Idol does this it will prove once and for all that they are the pimp to Adam’s whoring.

    Sandy you make a good point. The others are busy with real careers and tours and album making and the things successful artists do. Maybe Adam was the only one who had a week to spare.

  5. joliee Says:

    Not busy? He’s squeezing it in between his international commitments,lol.

  6. mustang Says:

    And now Slezak is confirming it.

  7. freedavidcook Says:

    And Jesus wept…

    This is horrible news for Idol but good news for tard-watchers. It should get very intensely interesting over the course of the next week or so. When Fandoms Fight.

  8. mustang Says:

    Not really related but somewhat — apparently sparkle cows are just finding out Cook unfollowed Adam and are pulling out the tired old “he’s jealousy” explanation. (“Hmmm, someone’s not Simon Fuller’s favorite anymore??”)

    Cook stopped following him ages ago. This is a new high/low in sparkle cow drama, isn’t it?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Didn’t Cook stop following him around the AMA’s or am I mistaken? Yeah, David’s jealous of Adam’s low record sales and lack of a tour. Hahahahaha.

      • mustang Says:

        I think you’re right about when he unfollowed – I know it was a long time ago. If you really take note though, Cook never really had much to say twitter-wise towards Adam, but constantly encouraged Kris. I picked up on the vibe a long time ago that it’s probable Cook is a bigger Kris supporter/fan than Adam.

        Mileage varying and all that.

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