Dear David,

Before I went to bed last night I saw the first of the ugly twitter mess between your brother Andrew and your Tards. As I’m sure you know by now Andrew had a Twitter Party and the heifers showed up all with photos of you as their avatars.  Andrew told them that it was creepy and inappropriate. They exploded with typical herd mentality and fury, accusing Andrew of rudeness, telling him off before going to whine to you that he was borderline rude.

Props to Andrew for telling it like it is. It IS freaking creepy that they all have photos of you as their avatars on Twitter. I can just imagine the EEWW! factor for Andrew from the ones hitting on him for some booty with your photo.  *Shuddering*

Also creeps me out that the most Googled terms leading into here are people looking for porn or slash starring you. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Looks like it was your usual gang of idiots, pizza screaming tard Daina mixed with the others.  Hopefully they’ll flounce off to their little corner of the internet and take a time out now. They need it, just like a pack of misbehaving toddlers.

But Andrew rocks for telling them how creepy they are.

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3 Comments on “Twitterrific”

  1. wickedlydark Says:

    Daina should save the money she’s spent putting a roof over Andrew’s head and buy herself a wig instead. 😉

    I wonder how he’d feel about her coffee table book?

  2. Sandy Says:

    I saw some of the comments these women made. God, not only do they think they own David Cook’s ass but they think they own his brother’s as well? They think he owes them too?, because of all of the money they’ve spent? And I thought all you got for the price of your ticket was a show. Didn’t think it meant the singer should owe his entire life and that of his family’s to you too.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    Thanks for covering this FDC. And a big, huge THANK YOU to Andrew for saying what he said. IMO if Andrew feels that way, so do David and the guys. Why are these people not showing their faces? David’s seen them all before, he’s used to the fugly by now. If I get a follower request on Twatter and the person’s avi is clearly not them I block or decline. And fine, if you don’t want your own picture use a heart or a star or something. Don’t use someone else’s face.

    And for the love of all that is holy and good, stop making sexual propositions and innuendos to Cook, his brother and his band. It’s not cute or sexy. It’s fucking weird and creepy.

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