The ‘X’ Factor

Dear Davey-Cakes,

Looks like Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets of David Cook Uncensored has been drinking from the wrong Koolaid jug again, chugalugging that Haterade at the thought of anyone you’ve dated or possibly ever had horizontal fellowship with. Her target of ire this time is your fellow Idol contestant Kimberly Caldwell.

I was thinking she was going to trade you in on a newer model, like, say possible gay boy Casey James or Lee DeWyse. The others are too ethnic for her. She likes only lily white.  The good Lord knows you’re about as white as they come, marshmallow white, skin that burns white, Sherwin Williams paint white. Casey and Lee fit the Anglo Saxon mold too but she’s just not having it. Which is surprising considering the past she always switched up her Idol stalking in 24 month intervals. You’re due to be released but she’s breaking pattern this time.

She’s really chewing the scenery over at DCU over poor seemingly nice Kimberley and many there are laughing and pointing as these random obvious sockpuppets keep popping up to agree with her that Kimberly Caldwell is everything just this side of Hitler.

One of her sockpuppets, Lori, posted that you were trying to ‘get’ to Holly a couple of times during your tour, which is laughable since Holly doesn’t really exist. Just Mary Ann does. This is what Lori said..

David was even checking out our Holly. He came over to our side 3 or 4 times during the Keswick theater show, and starred down some chick holding a sign. But Holly was on the same side. He was even trying to find a way to get behind the speakers to a catwalk that went straight out to Holly and her friend. It’s on video during Declaration, Straight Up and Barbasol. Holly is a very classy looking girl from what I saw. Nothing like the average fan.

I am convinced David is a whore. And in his own words he said the chicks he is attracking now are higher caliber. I forget which interview this was but he did say it. I also think he was sleeping with Mystery Lady E during the Idol tour because she was hanging around David for a while from idol tour to solo tour. maybe kim got a whiff of this. Let us not forget kimmy has a reputation too for sleeping around. Maybe she is finally growing up but it is obvious her career comes first too.

dirtydiana thanks for the tip but kim said on her twitter that david did not cheat on her. What do you think about that? and dirty are u carly?

She called you a whore and pretty much said the same thing about poor Kim. Bad form. Delusional.For the last so many days Mary Ann/Holly has been trying to stir up the crowds to bash Kimberly Caldwell, calling her a copycat for getting a tattoo among other stupid allegations about sexual preference and accusing Kim of sucking up to you constantly. As ugly as some of your fans have been to Kim because of the egging on of Mary Ann/Holly (organized harassment might actually be a crime) most everyone there knows this is more stupid sockpuppet army action and have been poking fun at all of the sockpuppet manifestos. I love these responses to allegations that Kim is doing things just because you did..

I heard she bought some groceries….and David bought some groceries too!!!! Clearly she must have been copying him


She has probably gone out to dinner with friends too. The freaking nerve of her! We know David goes out to dinner too!

Mock on, mock on.. Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets deserves way more mocking than this. Kimberly Caldwell, if I were you I’d have her charged with inciting all the ugly against you.

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10 Comments on “The ‘X’ Factor”

  1. TopIdol Says:

    Aren’t they bashing Caldwell for joking about having a lesbian lover now?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Well… I wasn’t going to come out and say that but yeah, that’s some of it. I just find it funny as hell that no matter what type of spin Mary Ann tries out most everyone there sees right through it and mocks her..

    • Sandy Says:

      One of Holly’s sockpuppets thinks Kim Caldwell is a closet lesbian even though she has an openly gay sister and participates in Gay Rights events. The sockpuppets often call Kim a tranny too. Except at other times they are insisting alternately that David and Kim will get back together again or that they are still secretly dating and David is lying to his fans about it. Apparently he bought a house in California up in the hills so he could secretly rendezvous with Kim away from the fans prying eyes.

      But don’t dare suggest that fans are “jealous” of Kim because that REALLY sets Holly off and makes her sockpuppets go on rampages and verbally abuse the members. Even Ladybug got chewed out for that.

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    Ahhh, FDC. You’ve done it again. Infiltrated the Army of sockpuppets. MaryAnn Ellis is batshit crazy and her members mocking her is just too precious for words.

    OT, Hi Top!!! *waves frantically*

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I cannot take credit for this. I saw it at a supah seekret board copied and pasted from DCU. But I had to comment on Mary Ann’s attempts to control Baldy’s real life again. How much longer till she sells another figment of her imagination story of Baldy’s love life to another tabloid? How much longer before Mary Ann tries to tell Page 6 that Baldy was frolicking in some place like Bambi Lee’s in WV?

  3. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Oh, it is getting so deep at DCU right now. “Ladybug” is posting about all these women that David “used” for cybersex while he was dating Kim Caldwell. She just keeps changing her stories and adding new details, but she can’t give away too much or else David will know who she is! Oh, the horror of it all! Of course, “Cookphile” is BFFs with “Ladybug”, so she goes along with everything written by “Ladybug.” They keep pushing back the time that DC and KC started dating, so some of the funnier posters are stating that the two dated in utero! LOL

    Then, “Diane” and “Sharon” (aliases by Holly–er, Mary Ann) get on the board and cuss out the members who they don’t like, telling them that “Holly” will ban them if they don’t watch it. Some of the posters on there are talking about the misspellings used by these similar aliases again, even bringing up the dam/damn errors! The fun never ends on DCU!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Seems like all hell is breaking loose in Crazytown. The regulars have taken over and are mocking every rumor ever presented there and every sockpuppet/loon that has started a rumor or keeps perpetuating one.

    • Sandy Says:

      Ladybug says David Cook is a pathological liar because one of the two times she met him in person he supposedly told her a whopper of a lie for no good reason. I guess people who “know” David told her what he said was untrue. But she can’t tell anyone what the lie was. Because if she does then David will remember her out of ALL the thousands of people he’s met briefly since then. And she doesn’t want to reveal her identity.

      At DCU everything printed in the Star magazine is the gospel truth so every word of the story proves what a bastard David Cook is. If Kim J mentioned a webcam in the story that must prove that David is an online sex addict who engages in cybersex with numerous women because he is too shy to get it on with real women even though he MUST have slept with Kim J because there is a photshopped picture of them together in their bathrobes.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Just want to add that I do believe Holly/Maryann is still interested in Casey. Various sockpuppets mention him now and then. She started separate threads to discuss Crystal and Siobhan after it was mentioned at Top Idol that she was interested in him but I think that was just to cover her interest in Casey because she never posted anthing else in those threads. I wonder if there are any young, classy blond PR reps with Music Industry experience on any of the Casey fanboards. I just don’t have enough of an interest in him to be bothered to check it out.

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