Google Searches Infinity Plus 20

Dear David,

I’ve completely lost track of whatever number I’m on now with the freaky Google searches. The high pollen levels and the drugs I’m on for it aren’t exactly helping either. I saw you tweeted about horrendous allergies this week too. Benadryl is your friend. Hope tonight’s flight is alright between the air pressure in the cabin and the allergies. Sounds like hell on earth to me.

Decided the best thing to do with my lack of short term memory was to start numbering these puppies again and start with 20 since I know we’re almost there now. Funny sick ones today.

Free Gay Webcam Met Flames In Gent -More porn, thankfully too confusing me to work out exactly what this person was looking for. Flamingly gay or webcam voyeurism?

Nutball Stalker Holly –  Things must be getting grim over at David Cook Uncensored. I hear tell the inmates are running that asylum and Mary Ann/Holly is losing it. Not surprised.

Bald Women Porn – Ha ha! More crazy hentai freak porn.

David Cook Hair Plugs – Everyone’s always curious about the hair. Personally I think you should screw with your stalker tards by shaving your head or doing something completely outre, like green or blue hair.

Porn Too Weird Even For L Anne Carrington – This one made me laugh the hardest. Is it even possible that there is porn out there that is too out there for a chick that’s written about incest, titty-banging, lesbian antics, gang bangs, sperm drinking, sexual gymkhana and a cast of revolving characters. Something too weird for L Anne? Scares the crap out of me just thinking about it. I would think it probably involves Ouchy The Clown, midgets and animal porn.

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2 Comments on “Google Searches Infinity Plus 20”

  1. Yaara Says:

    That last one made me laugh really loudly in the middle of class, and drew odd looks from the lecturer and classmates. It was worth it.

    Aww L Anne, I miss her so.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I could not believe it when it showed up in the list of searches either. I miss the antics of L Anne.

      But the new winner of most frequently searched terms starting last night after Idol is ‘David Cook Hair Plugs’ Everyone seems determined to figure out if the hair is real or implanted.

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