Literally Run Baldy Run

So David, you’re tweeting you’re going to run again this weekend in the Race For Hope in my very own stomping grounds, Washington DC.

Don’t worry, I’m too busy to show up and start shooting unflattering photographs of you or the crazy frau herd.  It came down to Gold Cup weekend or Frau stalking. The horses of Gold Cup are more interesting. Don’t think I’m not tempted. Wonder who all will be there? The usual suspects like Jabbarina, Needacock and Stacy? The rest of the batshit crazzees.

Even though I had to run my furnace first thing this morning to get the chill out of the house the weatherman is predicting raining, thunder storms and humid air hotter than hammered hell by Sunday.  We’re warming up. You’ll be running again in the rain like last year. Oh, and you’ll probably need allergy pills as we’re having record pollen.

You’re doing a good thing but with all good things the Frauaffalos will show up and ruin it.

The part about the bat shit crazzies showing up makes me laugh and imagine the long miles of trudging they’ll have to endure in their cheap shoes on the concrete of the city. Ain’t no place nearby for any of them to park being the clueless plebeians that they are. Even the cheaper nearby parking lots *coughcoughcough behindCCNstudioandUnionStationnearthebusdepot coughcoughcough* mean walking a long, long, L-O-N-G way, like sweating huge old gobs of McDonalds flop sweat. The fat asses that follow you everywhere will be all faintified and heart attacky from the exertion along with smelling like what comes out of the south end of a north bound horse. They’ll be soaked, they’ll be price gouged for parking and anything they eat/drink there and they’ll be as out of place as a fart at the dinner table.

Don’t you really look forward to seeing this stinky pageant of the trans-mundane hot flash committee that follows you from pillar to post? I’d run too.

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