Post Runners High

Dear David,

I hear most of the crazy crew showed up right down to the Pizza Screamer tard Daina who recently argued with your brother on Twitter. Sounds like she was definitely kissing his ass when she handed over that scam scheme book she complied.  How fickle, how two faced. If I understand correctly she compiled all of the other tards photos of you in a book and then started charging those same tards 90 bucks a copy.

Seems the fatsos all walked and you had a body guard.  Sounds like next time all you need is sun screen.

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5 Comments on “Post Runners High”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have seen so many tards tweeting to David about how their whole bodies/feet hurt just from walking 3 miles. WTF do these people normally not move at all!?

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    Now they’re past the real reason of the race and are drooling over what lies under his shorts. Disgusting cows. There are twitpics floating around and I had the displeasure to open two of them. This is really a sick bunch.

    • Sandy Says:

      I do not get the obsession some of them have with his dick. Have they never seen one before? It’s really weird the way they talk about it. Over at crazytown some of them have turned it into a rainbow colored cartoon character and have it dressed up in little outfits. VERY STRANGE!!!!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Rainbow dick, huh? Are they not aware that is a sexual term involving blow jobs?

        I think they all just need to get laid asap. It’s not normal fantasizing about the junk of a guy young enough to be their kid.

  3. Sandy Says:

    They probably don’t know that. They named it after the Magic Rainbow lyric from Time Of My Life, MR for short. It’s C3PO-MR in one of their stories as David Cook-Cyber Hero’s sidekick. Bizarre!

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