Baldy Jr?

Baldy, Baldy, Baldy,

Is there going to be a little American Idol soon? Besides Lee Dewyse I mean

David Cook Uncensored is buzzing that you put your penny in Kim Johnson’s slot and now she’s your Baby Mama.

It makes for some interesting speculation even if it was never really proven if you even dated Johnson or if your Johnson even knew her.

Mary Ann Ellis/Holly Sockpuppets is at it again, going overboard from the tiny news that Ms. Johnson is off on maternity leave right now.  She and pals have taken that news and made the monumental leap that this certainly means you have to be the Baby Daddy without any real evidence. Typical Mary Ann. How long before she sells the story to the tabloids to finance her supposedly lavish lifestyle? I’d say she’s already called them foaming at the mouth.

Sounds like something straight out of the Jerry Springer or Maury shows. “Are You My Baby’s Daddy?” Who knows. Guess Mary Ann will have to wait and see if the baby has a big old odd shaped head and a receding hairline.

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6 Comments on “Baldy Jr?”

  1. bertha Says:

    Can we talk about Ladybug here for a minute?

    I can’t seem to wrap my head around what she’s all about and if she’s actually Holly. Probably not, since I haven’t seen her talking alot about being “classy”. But this Ladybug person seems to know everything about anyone David has ever fucked, or even thought of fucking, and now she even has the “scandalous” details about his cybersex life and, if one actually were to believe such piles of shit, has seen screencaps of his dick.

    She comes in ever few weeks or so, dribbles out little bits of “information”, always bad, and then gets pissed when people call her on it. Then when they fire gets too hot she does a little flounce and everyone salivating over whether or not he’s 7 inches begs her to come back.

    “Holly” usually steps in at that point, to say that, yes, Ladybug is correct. And then there’s Cookphile, who does noting BUT agree with Ladybug’s posts.

    This DD person seems to have come out of nowhere, a few weeks back, but is already in the thick of things, with information of her own.

    Sorry for the rambles but the craziness over there is off the charts these days. Holly locked the girlfriend thread, which is the only reason people go there, because, presumably, people were being “mean” to Ladybug over her constant revision of the cybersex story, and now people are gnashing their teeth in the general thread. I just can’t keep anything straight over there. And I don’t know what is so scandalous about cybersex or banging attractive women or pretty much anything he’s “accused” of.

    Mostly, I don’t understand why I keep reading it.

    • Sandy Says:

      Ladybug is full of shit. She supposedly has many “inside” contacts who:
      1. worked behind the scenes at American Idol
      2. were on the AI tour,
      3. on the Declaration tour,
      4. are friends of David’s who arranged for her to meet him,
      5. have contacts with 19 entertainment,
      6. are friends with one of the alleged cybersex buddies,
      7. even one of the other Idol contestants.
      No way do I believe that she “knows” that many people and has access to that much information about him.

      She doesn’t sound like one of Holly’s sockpuppets, she sounds too intelligent for that. But she does have Holly’s full support because Holly loves to stir shit up. I just want to know what her motivations are to spend so much of her time to constantly trash talk the guy. I don’t understand it at all.

      • Sandy Says:

        She claimed David sent pictures of his dick to his alleged cybersex buddy but says she never actually saw it because it was never saved. Riiight! To anyone who actually believes any of ladybug’s claims….I have some AMAZING investment opportunities you might be interested in. Contact me!

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    Don’t forget Cookphile’s “inside” information. She knows someone who knows someone who knows how many licks it took Cook to get to the middle of Lacey Schwimmer’s Tootsie Pop.

    In all of the Cook Fandom there is no one who has more information and knows more people than Ladybug, yet she never seems to leave her house since she posts night and day. Oh, that’s right! She’s taken a vacation from Crazytown. How convenient.

    • Sandy Says:

      Too many people were questioning her. She’ll probably just wait for things to cool down a bit and then she’ll be back with additional, newly remembered information to beef up her stories. Or a completely new story from a new “totally reliable and trusworthy” source who knows someone who knows something. Funny how Cookphile suddenly has sources of her own that she never mentioned before.

  3. mona Says:

    There will not be a Baldy Jr. Chris Morehouse Jr. is more like it. That’s Kim Johnson’s fiance and the father of her cougar cub.

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