Overstuffed Pants

Baldy, Baldy, Baldy will be sharing this blog with other Idols from now on. I’m going to tweak the title once inspiration hits me but for now I have a few things to talk about.

Latest funny gossip about Casey James I am so sure has Holly Sockpuppets drooling?  That he was nearly pantless for the Ellen show. Turns out it was some very phony gossip, which makes me wonder if Mary Ann Ellis/Holly isn’t still supplementing her income by making up stuff and selling it to the tabloids again.

I am thankful that Idol shoe-in Lee Dewyse (white penis possessor kinda generic) wears baggy pants. I hope it derails all the tard speculation on penis size, pointing pants and other disgusting inappropriate imaginings.  What will we call the Dewysers?

Do Idols diet as voraciously as regular folks do? Adam Lambert still seems like he’s growing multiple chins in his Boston concert the other night. He’s like 20 pounds of sausage stuffed in a 5 pound black pleather bag.

Baldy tweeting that he’s avoiding going to the droolicious looking The Griddle Cafe. Makes me wonder if he’s looking out for the waistline. Watching his figure and working out for another round of touring and crazy-avoiding or just saving the empty calories for boozing?

Baldy has also been tweeting twittering twatting about the new video by Idol contender shoulda won Normund Gentle. Bitchslap. You have to see it.

And a bitchslap upside of the head is what Kerry Kolsch needs oh so desperately, Head tard of all the screwed in the head Adam Lambert tards, needs. She’s taken her crappy book and published it via Amazons vanity press. No longer can you download a copy for eleven bucks from her website, you have to pay twenty bucks for a poorly written fantasy involving Nazi like corporations, the state of Arkansas, AT&T, Chick Fil A and a cast of millions.  The posted reviews are a hoot! I hope she did some editing between the first edition and this one. Mick Jigger anyone?

She renamed her book “American Idol Vote Scam: How an Inherently Unfair Voting System Allowed Corporate Sponsors and State Pride to Steal Adam Lambert’s Win and what American Idol can do to save the show Volume 1” Very strange capitalization there, Kerry. Scariest of all is the ‘Volume 1’ which tells me she’s already working on another 500 pages of tin foil hat ravings of conspiracies.  Waiting with baited breath.

What happened with the weird Tom Cruise drawing on the original book? Did she run afoul of copyright law? How is it that AT&T and 19E haven’t sued her for various things?

What should she have named the book?  After perusing the list at TI I would have gone with “Chicken Glitter: The Sky is Falling!”

ETA: someone posted this in the comments at TI: http://www.floridasupremecourt.org/clerk/briefs/2009/401-600/09-564_ROR_ada.pdf Very interesting reading with some mentions of author Kerry Kolsch. Sounds like the horse apple doesn’t fall far from the horse’s ass.

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12 Comments on “Overstuffed Pants”

  1. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Speaking of phony gossip, a sockpuppet named “Tessie” posted on DCU tonight that David and Kim Caldwell are seeing each other again, but they are keeping it on “the low down” (isn’t it ON THE DOWN LOW???) until their CD’s come out. She theorized this because–GASP!–they tweeted on their iPhones at THE SAME TIME! IT MUST BE TRUE! Never mind the fact that he was in Kansas City for a charity golf tournament and then went to the Daughtry concert there. I think that Kim Caldwell is actually pregnant with Kim Johnston’s baby! (Or is it the other way around?)

    • Sandy Says:

      Holly is probably trying to change the subject with the phony rumor because too many members were disagreeing with her many different personalities in the Tattoo Discussion thread. Holly just hates tattoos and believes that David will destroy his career if he continues to get them. She’s getting really pissed off that no one is agreeing with her and has been bringing out a steady parade of sockpuppets to support her views and berate the members.

      Also, she now has a sockpuppet named after an old friend of David’s from Tulsa, the same one she tried to start a bunch of nasty rumors about. That’s a really sick, creepy thing to do. Who would even believe that girl would want to have anything to do with DCU after the lies Holly told about her?

      • KP Says:

        Holly also named a sockpuppet after a “skanks” mom! Quite the freak MaryAnn Ellis is!

      • Sandy Says:

        Oh, which one is named after the mom? I don’t think I even know any of the mom’s names.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        You have to realize that Mary Ann/Holly comes from the generation raised to believe that sailors and whores got tattoos, not nice normal white bread middle class folks. She’s an old fogey with old fogey ideas.

  2. KP Says:

    Holly posted that girls moms myspace website on DCU before and used to copy comments from her myspace and post them on the board. Her name is Diane, weird how there’s a sockpuppet named Diane.

    • Sandy Says:

      It is weird. But she seems to like using other peoples names.

      She’s throwing fits now as Diane because David didn’t make an appearance on the idol finale and Kim Caldwell did.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    Which sockpuppet is named after one of his friends? She didn’t try the Lily and Liz thing again, did she?

    • Sandy Says:

      Yup! She sure did. She resurrected “Lizzie” from Tulsa. Except she has confused Liz with another girl named Lizzie who was David’s old girlfriend and is not from Tulsa

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Such a joke.

        On another note, I went over to Crazytown to see and find that some of the members are going crazy over the fact that David wasn’t on the finale last night. I guess a prior commitment to a charity event isn’t a good enough excuse for them. Sockpuppet Diane thinks it’s because he is still with Kim Caldwell and didn’t want to be on stage with her so no one would put 2 and 2 together. It’s a real laugh riot over there.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Yes! The lunacy continues. I don’t understand how Holly/Maryann’s brain works, but that is probably a good thing. Somehow in her twisted brain never being seen together proves that David and Kim are secretly dating. She went ballistic last year over the finale because there were tweets hours apart about them eating at a Mexican restaurant. They were at different restaurants at different times but still she thought the tweets proved they were still together. She tried to claim Kim’s manager waited several hours to tweet in order to throw the fans off the trail.

    She’s got a whole bunch of “new lurkers” popping in today to defend her latest theory that David didn’t attend the Finale so that he could help out his secret lover Kim by making it possible for her to appear instead. Never mind the fact that she was just one of many former contestants to show up, it must be a vast conspiracy to get PR for Kim. And he couldn’t be there himself because if the media saw the two of them on the same stage they would put 2 and 2 together and report the 2 of them were back together. And she calls everyone who questions her ridiculous theories naive. What a nutjob she is.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Someone forwarded a great number of the postings to me from DCU and I’ve been laughing my ass off over the sheer insanity of Mary Ann. She has some weird offshoot of Munchausens by Internet, making up fabulous and nonfabulous tales about others. What does she care if Cook and Caldwell send Morse Code via winks or ball right on the Idol stage. It’s none of her business. Pretty obvious she’s got internet schizophrenia going on. And to see Lee, dumbass unsmiling, seems like he’s missing brain cells Lee, is meant to replace Baldy. Pfff. Her telling others to get a life? Please, Mary Ann, YOU get a life!

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