Idol Speculations & Bitchslapping

The Tay-tards are gathered in Syracuse right now for a Balloon festival that Taylor Hicks is playing at in a few short minutes. They arrived at the idiotically early hour of 10 am to try and do gawd knows what. They have been twittering pictures of the high caloric, fat, sugar and chemically laden chow they’ve been shoveling into their gaping maws all day. I’m betting that the hot air in the balloons isn’t the only hot gases around that place. Beano anyone?

Hint to Tay-tards. Your Idol is only important to you now. You really do not need to show up at the ass crack of dawn to stake out your places near the stage. I’m sure Taylor still has nightmares about his tours. No need to traumatize the guy any further.

There’s been more dumb speculation that Bret Michaels will be the next judge. Paula Abdul is sounding off on it in her usual chemically stewedesque way. She spoke to Hollywood Life about Bert.

I think this judge – no judge – he’s a judge – she could be a judge is utter bullshit cooked up by the geniuses of 19E to keep everyone talking about American Idol all summer and fall until it premiers. It’s more media chain yanking and priceless free publicity. We are being toyed with here.

And lastly I’m laughing hard that Eminem decided to diss old Baldy in his latest song right up there with Brook Hogan. Wondering how David Cook feels about the Em taking a swing at him lyrically. Em, knock it off, taking a pot shot at people in the lyrics of your songs is so Lindsay Lohan! Last time it was Adam Lambert and Gay, er, Clay Aiken, who next, Lee “Not all his marbles are there” Dewyse?

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One Comment on “Idol Speculations & Bitchslapping”

  1. Ange Bleu Says:

    Brutto scherzo; faire un mauvais coup.

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