I don’t get it. Does it always follow American Idols that their twitter pages are filled up with ridiculous crap from their followers? Mostly it looks like championship mindless ass kissing with stalker-like statements thrown in.

Yesterday I made the mistake of looking at Cook’s Twitter stream after he innocuously tweeted about watching the Boston Celtics. Suddenly all his silly fans were Boston Celtic fans, lockstepped lemmings foolishly goosestepping over the high dive cliff of stupidity.  Do they really think he believes all of them were Celtic fans before he announced his allegiance?  The scaries were mixed in, the chicks that make You Tube videos about his body parts like some strange fetish,  the ones that have temples to him with burning candles before photographs that they pray to. Sexual come ons, etc. etc.  Do they not realize that the Library of Congress is going to save all this super embarrassing girly drooly shit? I would love to know what future generations will make of this.

It does make me laugh that he tweeted about Twinkies being too deliciously fattening and that Nabisco responded by tweeting about their 100 calorie packs. Now that is information he needed.  They should hire him to do a commercial just so that the fantards will respond by buying those nasty things in bulk. Their sales would skyrocket.

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2 Comments on “Twitter?”

  1. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    The best tweets yesterday were from the stalkerish “hard core” fan who took a picture of her fat ass self next to his grade school–only problem was, he replied to her that he had not gone there, but his bro had! LOL
    She then proceeded to tell him that she had gone to his two childhood homes in Blue Springs. Restraining order? I guess some of the fans told her she was a stalkerazzi, and so she then posted a pic of her fat ass friend holding the screen to a window in one of his homes. Nothing wrong with that, right? After all, the house was empty so…what’s a little trespassing for a hardcore fan?!
    Seriously, though, he needs to be really careful as to whom he responds to on twitter. Honestly, he shouldn’t respond at all, but that little inkling of recognition from him will make the postal fans totally go over the edge.

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    Holy shit!! WTF is wrong with these people?? Does she think he’s impressed by this??


    I hate when he responds to them. Andrew has the right idea. The ones using David’s picture as their own avi should be avoided. Although there are BSCs who use their own pictures too, so how to tell? He should disguise himself one night and stand in his own audience while the opening act is playing. Nahh, that wouldn’t work….he’d end up in a fetal position in a corner somewhere sucking his thumb and crying for his mom.

    Neal tweeted today that he was going to pretend that people are what their avi portrays. That’s pretty scary in the world of Cooktardlandia.

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