Screens? Really? Seizure Inducing Forest Parties?

According to Variety that plantation system with the Idol slaves, 19 Entertainment, is being sued by the American Idol band and backup singers.  Apparently AI and 19 have purposely screwed them out of any royalties via the performances being endlessly sold on Itunes. For shame, 19E! Pay the musicians what is owed them. Without the band and backup singers we’d have to listen to the mawkish squawking of Adam Lambert and pals without music softening the blow.  However will the Lee Dewyses of this world know how far off key they are without backing?

Speaking of mawkish squawking Adam Lambert’s new video has been released. If you’re prone to epileptic seizures do not watch as there is happy seizure inducing lazer flashing towards the end.

Adam looks like a mulleted S&M version of Adam Ant in the beginning on his way to what we call around here a ‘field party’ A field party is a bunch of people getting together outside somewhere with music and dancing/screwing/whatevering after licking a bunch of cane toads or the mushrooms on the cow turds. I don’t like the video, if I want to watch that kind of jackassery all I have to do it crash the party on the farm any Saturday night it’s not raining.

But… I have to say as much as I think the video sucks I kinda like the song. I can see this turning up on the Zoomba Dance class rotation soon. It’s just the kind of stuff I listen to when running on the treadmill down at the gym or punching the speed bag. “What Do You Want From Me” is already on my gym rotation list. I adore Pink and Adam sounds most Pink-like on that one.

Shout out to Kerry Kolsch: Notice that the video is sponsored by AT&T.

Chris Sligh noted this morning that Adam always sounds like the artists who wrote the songs and I cannot argue with that. He does.

Looks like Ryan Seacrest can rest easier, his stalker is in jail for two years now. Which kind of makes me laugh that Ryan has stalkers. Are we sure these aren’t just old hump and dumps of a man firmly in the closet?

But the biggest Idol ‘WTF’ news came that some loony tard visited David Cook’s hometown and went around to his two childhood homes. Trespassed around one, looking into the windows and removing the screen if the photos are right.


This is creepy and crossing the line...

..and this is creeper and law breaking..

This is so wrong and creepy and borderline stalking. To the tard: have you lost your entire freaking mind? At least by twatting the photographs everywhere Cook’s security team knows what you look like to add you to the list of crazies. Sick freak.

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3 Comments on “Screens? Really? Seizure Inducing Forest Parties?”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    FDC. I didn’t know you were a Sparkle Cow! Bwahahaha. You know I kid. I cannot make myself watch Glammy’s video, no matter how much you try to make me. Ever since you Rick Rolled me on April Fool’s day I have to beware. 🙂

    And that Cooktard! What a fucking freak. I wish the neighbors in the yellow house spotted her and called 911. She probably would have used her one phone call from to tweet Cook and tell him what happened. She’s scary crazy.

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    Damn the no edit option. Insert the words “the pokey” between from and to in the next to last sentence.

  3. caspar Says:

    She looks familiar, I’m sure I’ve seen her face on Twitter.

    And why are they always FAT???

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