Thin Line Between The Dark Side & Sanity: Adam Lambert Fans

And these bitches have crossed it, the Sparkle Cows have been providing me with hours of amusement reading through their idiotic butt-licking comments over on the VH1 page hosting the “If I Had You” video. They are all outraged that after you listen to his latest Eurotrash Disco Pop offering the video rolls right over to Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” A capacious amount of the Mad Cow herd accidentally placed their mindless praise for the Glittery One on Kris Allen’s video.

Some select comments –

brownie commented | 4 hours ago

stop with kris’s video, it’s all about adam now!

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ChuckM commented | 4 hours ago

Love this video. BUT WHAT IS ADAM’S VIDEO GIVING KRIS ALLEN’S VID A FREE RIDE? Stop the roll through linkage please.

EdyC commented | 4 hours ago

VH1 PLEASE FIX this site..I DO NOT intend to suport Kris’s Video!!

girlsnight commented | 9 hours ago


does this go to KA song—-Are we being forced to support him? wonder how many votes he has gotten because Adams fans do not know they are posting on K site–come on guys–FIX THIS–let K. get his votes on his own

So Adam’s fans are too genuinely dumb to realize how to use VH1’s commenting system and cannot avoid their cursed Kris Allen. Newsflash heifers, it’s not that difficult to figure out. Epic failure.  Kris Allen WON American Idol so I’m afraid you’re stuck with occasional reminders of him. Suck it up, live with and stop pretending Lambert is the shit.

The song isn’t horrible. As I mentioned yesterday I kind of like it. But I just about ruined my keyboard reading this drivel

Wow-thiswas wonderful! Sort of ‘Hair’, meets “Burning Man’ meets a little West Hollywood. There was SO MUCH joy in the song and the performance, and my only criticism is that I didn’t have time to drool over some of the fabulous costumes. (Adam makes top hats sexy again. Whee!) I wanna put on some black color liner and romp in the woods. 😀 Adam, thanks for the love and heart and spirit you put into your music

I want some of whatever it is she’s smoking because I can’t see/hear this in that video.

Look at some of Kris’s video and see the confused comments stretching back a few days now at VH1. Ha.  Some people are too stupid and should never be allowed on the internet, like Adam Lambert fans.

Makes me laugh because I hear “Live Like We’re Dying” way more on local radio than anything by Adam.

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One Comment on “Thin Line Between The Dark Side & Sanity: Adam Lambert Fans”

  1. TopIdol Says:

    I get all stabby when those idiots reference Burning Man.

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