Smack A Bitch Up!

The thing about Cook Tards is at least they never threatened physical violence against anyone that I know of. I’m sure they dreamed about snatching the women rumored to be Baldy dates baldheaded but no one dared post it.

Adam Lambert Tards? Hmmm, not so much.

Turns out that after Top Idol posted my entry to the Tard Art contest and 8SourCandy’s some of the Sparkle Cows said this was sure evidence that all of us, TI, 8SC, WD and myself were literally dangerous to Adam.  Uh, Sparkle Cows, none of us have ever uttered a wish for his harm. In fact in my art piece, the only of the bunch with blood, it was a self injury via costume. Nothing we’ve said or done has ever indicated that we ‘hate’ him or are planning any type of violence against the poor man.

Just because someone finds a performers music banal and manufactored does not indicate that they are going to get all stabby on the performer. It just means they’ll never buy a concert ticket or CD.

In contrast you have thrown sex toys on the stage, slept on the streets for days, chased his bus, spammed his Twitter account with all sorts of nutbar things, behaved like he owes you something. In short most of the Sparkle Cows have behaved in ways that only the obsessional and mentally ill act.

Do you know who murders celebrities or harms them? Fans. Do the murders of John Lennon and Rebecca Schaffer? They were killed by fans. Overzealous sicko fans emotionally invested in someone that doesn’t know or give a crap if they even exist.

You guys, you Sparkle Cows, are a danger to Adam. But then again I’m sure you’re a danger to everyone in your lives. You sure have been posting some ugly threats towards others lately.

This is being posted today on Twitter. You know Twitter, that place that the Library of Congress is saving and cataloging every single tweet, even these threats, which I’m pretty sure violate New York state law?

ETA: Someone just told me these were off one of the many Adam boards. Still tacky and illegal.  A threat is a threat. What stupid bitches you all are. Adam must really be proud of his fans.

pollyness if anyone sees melinda green of TopIdol near Nokia tonight, please bitchslap her for me, ok? TYVM.

runawaysu Hey Adam fans who are going to Adam’s show 2nite, can you glamsmack rickey and topidol morons for me? Thanks!!!

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5 Comments on “Smack A Bitch Up!”

  1. Good Jebus. You know the Glamtards are messed up when people like Heliotripe and Svajgina look normal by comparison.

  2. w.dark Says:

    I’ve been saying the same damn things for years. The dangerous ones are the ones who are overinvested.

    Today they want to “glamsmack” a blogger for giving an opinion. Tomorrow they’re letting the air out of the tour bus tires and boiling pets because the object of their obsession shunned them in a meet&greet.

  3. 8sourcandy Says:

    who’s blog is this? Deez? Hmmm.

    Holy crap, the glamtards hate me too.

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